10 Spectacular Reasons Why You Should Start Building an Email List Today

Do you have an email list? If the answer is negative, then you are sailing on the wrong boat, as this one is definitely not leading you to success in the virtual world. You do have time now to row in the right direction. So, walk through the write-up and take a glance at the top 10 reasons for building an email list, but before that try to understand what email list is.

reasons to build an email list


What is an Email List?

Technically, an email list contains the email addresses of the persons to whom emails or newsletters are sent to promote the desired products and services. The listing is just one part of the email marketing program. Apart from this, you also need to take of many other things while creating an email list online so that your company’s newsletter doesn’t end up in the spam box. An email list when created engagingly can impress a potential customer, thereby generating leads effortlessly.

In a nutshell, you can say that email list is a broader concept that includes using of emails as a powerful tool to flourish your online business by adhering to anti-spam practices and familiarizing with email list requirements.

Now, coming back to the reasons for creating an email list:

10 Spectacular Reasons Why You Should Start Building an Email List Today

1. It is easier

There are many ways to make your users know about your products and services that even include using social media networking. However, very few other methods to promote your business are as easy to handle as the email listing, and that is why using email address is considered one of the best ways for dissipating important information regarding your business to your potential customers.

Once you have created an email list, you are free to send newsletters to your target audience. Unlike social media here the method is quite simple to handle as you can control it directly. There are no hard and fast rules that you need to follow here. You are not even confined to the boundaries of any particular social networking website, such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or even Facebook, as you own these platforms.

2. It is effective

As email gives you a free hand to send information about your business the way you want to your intended customers, so the result is also more effective here. One of the major reasons behind this is that the customer allows you to send emails by subscribing to your email list. This means that they are welcoming you as they want to remain in contact with you.

Therefore, when you send the emails, then the result is expected to be more fruitful in comparison to other methods. On social media, people are choosier in following others while when it comes to the email, they are not. In fact, people easily share their email address on many websites, and if you have a result-oriented approach in building an email list, then it can offer you better outcomes.

3. It helps you remain in touch

The mind of your customers change with time, and so there are chances that initially they show no interest in your products and services, but later on, at some point in time find it beneficial.

So, when this happens, and you keep sending the emails or newsletters regularly to your target customers then one day he or she might become your customer by choosing your online business. The same thing is not true for Instagram story or blogs as no one checks it every day, but people do get time to click your emails.

4. It also helps you get feedback

Feedback plays a pivotal role in making you understand the psyche of your customers, and you get this priceless thing easily with the help of an email. It doesn’t happen always, but even if a few of your customers reply you back and give you the feedback, then it helps you bring improvements which could have a direct impact on other target clients too.

This is one of the reasons why today emails are used as a tool to conduct a survey by many business giants in the world.

5. It allows you to analyze your business growth

The email list allows you to check your growth level as well. If you find a growing trend in your email list, then it shows that more people are turning towards your business.

When the numbers of subscribers swell, then you get an idea that you are moving on the right track. However, when you see a downward trend in this, then it alarms you to take the right steps to improve your business model.

6. It improves your sales directly

If you are looking for ways that help in enhancing your sales directly, then email list is one of the best ways to opt for. It helps you in improving your ROI, as more subscribers mean more sales.

You just have to target on improving the numbers of subscribers and your business will grow automatically. This is just a simple number game where the number of subscribers is directly proportional to the number of sales.

7. It is traditional yet more popular

Email is nothing new as people have been using it constantly from past so many years. Therefore, your target customers are more close to their emails as they do not have to take any extra effort in using it.

This is a conventional yet endearing thing for everyone out there. You just need to learn how to use the email list efficiently, and you will see the positive result as soon as possible.

8. It is more personal

Just like smartphones are a very personal item for the people so are their emails. There is no group and no other person who can see at what time anyone is checking his or her email inbox. This makes it a more personal thing where the targeted customers are not under anyone else influence, and so you can convince them easily in choosing your product or service.

9. It is targeted and one-on-one

You know what you are doing when you send emails to your clients. It is not like trying to hit bull’s eye blindly, rather here you know your target and where to hit. This whole one-on-one aspect of an email gives you a chance to address your potential clients directly.

This is one of the reasons why these in the salutation of the email Dear X or Dear Y is used, which shows that you are clear that you are trying to build a professional relationship with the intended client so that he or she could choose your business.

10. It is the experts’ choice

Most of the experts in the market prefer email list in trying to connect with the customers and improve business sales.

“Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them.” – Neil Patel – Crazy Egg and QuickSprout

“Unbounce’s email list is the biggest asset we have for driving new acquisitions.” – Corey Dilley – Marketing Manager at Unbounce

“If I have one regret as a business owner, it’s not focusing on building our email list earlier in the process.” – Joe Pulizzi – Founder of Content Marketing Institute


If you want to build your business, then try using your own land instead of rented ones, and email list is owned by you. Therefore, you are advised to build a deeper and credible relationship with your potential customers with the help of emails and newsletter as this is one of the safest and most impeccable ways to grow your online business and let it reach to the Zenith of success.

9 Things I Seriously Wish Someone Had Told Me About Blogging

I became a blogger by choice. I believe this is the best thing that has ever happened to me without a doubt.

Blogging not only has helped me to share my ideas and knowledge with the outside world but has also helped to make living online.

Everyone wants to earn good amount of money from blogging but only a handful of bloggers went on to make millions of dollars each year. Rest of the bloggers still make a good amount of money from hundreds to several thousand. The journey to become a successful blogger is not that easy as it looks like.


When I started blogging in 2010, there were very few people in blogging. There were no clear directions and there was hardly anyone offering courses in SEO. I followed the wrong path initially and ended up making websites, which did not earn even a penny for me. Nothing worked my way due to some stupid mistakes I did that time.

Since blogging was a new field altogether, there were not many people who could help other people with their problems. I feel I should dedicate this post and tell you about those things that no one taught me initially and I seriously wish someone had told me about blogging.

9 Things I Seriously Wish Someone Had Told Me About Blogging

Importance of Choosing a Niche

New bloggers who do not have much experience in blogging mostly start a multi-niche blog and just post about any random thing on their blog. I’d rather suggest starting a blog in a particular niche. Pick a niche that you feel you are passionate about and other people too have an interest in that niche.

When you start posting a particular niche, you have a strong change of stand out in the crowd and it has a high chance of ranking in SERPS. Picking a niche should take a good amount of time because if you choose a wrong niche, you’d end up in screwing everything. Therefore, pick a particular niche and start building a blog on it.

Role of Email Marketing

Money is in your email list. Most of the newbie bloggers still do not understand this. People who are on your email list are your real readers. They trust you and are also your first buyers.

You should start collecting emails as soon as you start receiving traffic on your blog. I dived into email marketing bit late because I did not understand the concept of email marketing initially.

My advice to all new bloggers is to first focus on getting traffic and then start building the list as soon as they can. Creating a quality list of 100 people is much better than creating a list of fake 1000 followers.

Value of Content

Content is what takes your site to the next level and attract readers to your site. Content is what makes your site a brand in its niche. Always write a post from a user point of view n your blog. Just understand what a user wants to learn and explain it in your own simple and sweet words.

Some newbie bloggers just post anything on their blog just to make sure that their blog keeps on getting updated which is wrong. If you are in a particular niche, just post related to that niche only. Do not mix multiple niches unless you know what are you doing and have the expertise to take your site to the next level.

Understanding your Readers

Your readers are your key to success. Keep the communication channel open with your reader via email or any other source. Hear from them what they want to learn and what topics would like to see on your blog. This not only will build your readers trust in you but will also help in building relationships with them for the long term.

Importance of Traffic

When you are set with everything, it all gets down to getting traffic consistently on your blog. Believe me, this is the hardest thing to get. You have two way, either get organic (free) traffic from Google or paid one. Paid one will come as long as you put in money but organic is free and completely passive.

I’d rather suggest going for organic traffic from day one. Unless you have a budget with you to for paid traffic, organic traffic is your key. Start building relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Keep on sharing their posts, interview them and start building an email list from day one.

Multiple Ways to Monetize Site

Had someone told me initially that a site can be monetized via multiple ways, I would have gone ahead and started using affiliate marketing a long time back. I used to think that Google Adsense is the only way to monetize the blog. I was so wrong. Damn it!

I tried out affiliate marketing so late. Today, I see many bloggers earning a handsome amount of income from affiliate marketing. It’s such a great passive source of income. Here, email list comes into the picture. You suggest products to your consumers. Some of them will buy it and you are going to make a commission from the purchase. Isn’t that simple?

Learning From Failures

Failures are nothing but setbacks. Failures should not stop you from moving ahead. Instead, learn from your failures. Understand what caused it and learn from those mistakes. In fact, I failed initially and the first two blogs that I launched proved a disaster. I learned them and after a year, I tasted the success.

It’s very to get bogged down from failures but only those who stand again can see the face of success. Everybody, at some point in life, suffers from a failure. Failure does not mean that you are wrong. It is just that this is not the right way to do it. Just learn from it and move on.

Never Give Up!

Blogging sometimes becomes boring. You feel like quitting. It has happened to me also some times. The only way to keep going is to keep telling yourself that success does not come easy. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and time to get things rolling.

I have seen most of the bloggers quitting just a few months after starting their blog. Everyone one to start earning money from day one. Nobody has the patience to wait and work hard. Only those who work hard and follow the right path, reach their goal of making living online.

Blogging is a Business

You must understand that blogging is serious business. It’s not like any other day job. Unless you are going to invest a dollar, you cannot expect to get a couple of dollars out of it.

Just like any other business, you got to spend on a domain, hosting, email marketing, courses, other stuff to get started. Once things get rolling, you can start earning from thee itself.

Make Connections

Make network connections. Talk to other fellow bloggers, learn what they are doing, how they are getting traffic, their monetization strategy and implement on your own blog.

Form a team with a couple of bloggers and organize bloggers meet up in your city. Meet with like-minded bloggers and create a huge network. Interview them and publish them on your blog.

10 Best Plugins For Newbie Bloggers

The Internet is flooded with various paid and free plugins that offer various functionalities. Every other WordPress site on the internet uses at least 10-15 plugins. Even I use 20+ plugins on my main money site and some other sites too.

While some of the plugins have now become a necessity there are other plugins that offer little to no use and should not be used. Here in this post, I will be taking you through to 10 best plugins that every newbie blogger should use on their blog.

Just remember one thing, these plugins offer extra functionality and when they run they put a load on your site which means it will take longer for your site to load.

So it is better to use only those plugins that are necessary, lightweight and offers great functionality. I have tested various plugins over the last few years and here in this post, I am listing top 10 plugins that every newbie plugin should use.

Best Plugins For Newbie Bloggers

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a must have a plugin for every blogger. It sets your site in terms of SEO, creates an xml site map, allows you to enter title and meta description form just post itself. And this all comes from the free plugin they offer.

A premium plugin has more advanced features. One of the best features of premium version is that it quickly allows you to link to your own internal posts by grabbing the link from the sidebar.

Download here

2. BackupWordpress

You must take back up of your site regularly. You never know when your server can crash and you may lose your access to all the files. It is therefore important to take back up on your own. There are many plugins to take backup but I personally feel BackUpWordpress as the best among all.

You just need to tell it to take backup of database and files together or separate. You can even configure settings if you do not want any folders to be included as a part of the backup. Back up is created instantly which actually depends on the size of files and database. You can download it as a zip file and store it on your laptop.

I always recommend maintaining at-least 3 copies of the last backup of your blog. Again, your host might also be doing the backup but it is important for you to take the website regularly. Do not depend on your host to take the backup. You must have your own backup copy of your site.

Download here

3. W3 Total Cache

Slow loading websites are things of past. Today people can’t wait for a website to load. They want to check the blog quickly. It is important for your blog to load quickly. Here W3 total cache helps you. As the name suggests, W3 total cache offers caching services which cache static content on your site and requests for those files does not go to your server. In short, the request for static files is rendered by caching service.

Few requests mean your web server is not overloaded and content is rendered locally.

W3 total cache to increases speed and page performance using browser caching, database caching, and more.

Download here

4. Social Media Warfare

You have created the content and want other people to read share it too. Right? Here social media warfare plugin comes into the picture. This plugin allows people to share your awesome content on several social media sites.

Social media warfare plugin cost about $29/per year for a single website. It’s a great plugin and I recommended using this plugin on your site. It offers both free and paid version though the pro version has some extra benefits. You can start using the free version and if you like it and then go for the pro version.

Download here

5. Broken Links

Broken links hamper the ranking of the site and make look site ugly. Broken links are common and should be fixed whenever you come across them on your site. It is, of course, not possible to traverse each link manually and check for its correctness. Here broken links plugin comes into the picture.

Broken links plugin scan your posts in the background and give you the list of links that are pointing to 404. You can either fix those links by point to original URL or remove the links altogether.

Again, it’s a very useful plugin to fix 404 errors on your site.

Download here

6. Push Notification

Who doesn’t want free traffic? Everyone wants it. Getting your posts in front of your readers without paying an extra penny is the easiest way to get quality traffic on your blog. I am talking about push notifications.

Push notifications have become quite popular in the last couple of years. If you are a regular visitor on the internet you must have seen those pop-ups asking you to subscribe. One such free plugin is OneSignal. You can use this plugin to send unlimited notifications to your subscribers. There are other paid notifications software too but this one does the job for free of cost.

Download here

7. Shortpixel

We all use images on our site to make it looks neat and fancy. Almost every blog post that is published on the internet has at least one image on it. Most of the images which we use on our blog are heavy. So it means when your page will get loaded it is going to take a good amount of time due to the heavy size of the image as your page size is going to increase.

Shortpixel solves this problem by reducing the size of your image. It is free as well as paid plugin. Free version offers 150 credits which means you can use this plugin the reduce size of 150 images. Pro version costs a little bit and offers more credits.

I use this pro version and use it on a few of my websites. This is actually a great plugin to reduce the size of the image and reduce the page load time.

Download here

8. Author Box

Author box is a rectangular box that appears on the bottom of the post. It tells about the brief bio of the author along with his image. Some themes have this inbuilt feature. If your theme does not support this feature then grab this plugin for free of cost.

Download here

9. Redirection

This is one of the plugins that you may not need initially but you may need it later. This allows you to set up 30 redirects or 404 to correct ones. This is a very hand plugin and fixes 404 errors.

For e.g.: if you have published a post and after a year or so you thought to change the URL to a meaningful one but that URL has already been indexed by Google. Changing the URL means losing all the traffic for the page. Redirection solves this problem by redirecting the old URL to a new one.

Download here

10. Pretty Links

Pretty links plugin is mostly used for affiliate marketing. If you’re an affiliate marketer, this plugin is a must for you. This plugin helps the affiliate markets to cloak the links. For e.g.: if you are recommending Bluehost to your readers then your affiliate URL will be like: https://bluehost.com/track/<your-affiliate-id>

With this plugin enabled, you can set the URL like:


Notice the difference in URL. This one is a cloaked URL and looks more decent and elegant.

Download here

5 Insane Ways to Earn Money Passively With a Blog Optin

First, let me admit it. I love blogging. There are various ways to earn passively from a blog. And most of them fall under 5 categories. Let’s find them out.

Make money with a blog passivelyMake money with a blog passively

Yes, I love it to the core of my heart. I can give a presentation on blogging even if someone wakes me up at 2 in the morning without any ready-made material.

The reason it excites me is four-fold: freedom and flexibility, earn more than the day job, travel anywhere anytime and be your own boss. It offers other benefits too but these are my favorites.

I started blogging in 2009 when it was relatively new and anything you touch would turn Gold. Unfortunately, there were not good mentors at that time who could guide me to take the right path. I followed wrong directions one after another until I found the right path.

I have earned over $100K a year from my one single blog that gets an insane amount of traffic. Not trying to boast anything here but it feels so awesome today that in last 5-6 years my life has changed so much. Thanks to blogging, it has made my life from Oohh to aah hah 🙂 .

Making money with blogging is not an easy task. It takes sweat and blood to earn your first dollar online. But, as someone has said, nothing comes easy in this world. You have to strive hard to pursue your passion and achieve your goals.

5 Insane Ways to Earn Money Passively With a Blog Optin

Here in this article, I would be taking about 5 insane ways to make money with blog optin:

1. Advertisements

Most beginners like me start with Ads. You don’t have to worry about sales or making lead pages to get your customers. All you need to make quality content and drive quality traffic to your site primarily from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. The reason why I have mentioned these countries is that CPC from these countries is generally high. This means if an ad appears on your website page and let’s say a person from the US clicks on that ad, it might give you $2-$3. And if the same ad is clicked by a person staying in the Philippines or India might give you just a few cents.

So, in a nutshell, CPC also depends on the country from which you get a click.

Earning your first dollar online comes easily from Ads. No sales pitch, no product creation, no service offering. Just need some traffic on your blog and placing few ads here and there and you will see a few dollars rolling in your account.

With ads, all you need is running a blog with some traffic. Sign up for an account with Google Adense or Media.net. Place few ads 4-5 here and there, test different combinations and there you go.

Ads, however, lie in a low-income group. It means there is a limit to what you can earn from ads. RPM from ads is generally low. Unless you are in a niche that pays really well, making 5-figure income from ads becomes a daunting task.

I have seen blogs with around 700K-800K page views per month earning well close to $20K per month and there are blogs receiving around 2M page views per month earning mere $7-8K per month.

So, in a nutshell, CPC comes to play in the picture. Not every niche commands the same RPM. Niche like money, law, insurance, home improvement, real estate command high CPC’s.

2. Affiliates

Affiliates are the topmost choice for every blogger. People are making an insane amount of money from affiliates. There is absolutely no limit in the case of affiliates.

All you need is to build a blog around a niche where you can recommend products to users. For e.g: you can create a blog and target Skateboard as your primary keyword in the sports niche. You can then create some quality posts around it and put Amazon affiliate links within the post.

Now, get quality traffic on your blog. Once you have it, start recommending products or services to your readers that you use or you believe they will like it. Once your reader purchases the product or service through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission on the product or service. For e.g: if you are an Amazon affiliate and if someone purchases Skateboard from Amazon using your link, Amazon will give you a certain percentage of that product as commission to you.

To become an affiliate for a product or service, all you need to sign up with the company. They will review your application and depending upon your application, you request may be accepted or rejected.

You can find thousands of affiliates on Shareasale or CJ. These sites have thousands of o companies that list their products. You can search on it and see what products you think your reader will love to use.

They provide in the built tracking system to track affiliates commission.

Again, as I said earlier nothing is easy. Building an affiliate site does not require millions of visitors per month. You just need quality visitors who is ready to buy a product or service that you recommend.

Alex and Lauren from Create and Go are an example. Rosemarie from The busy budgeter is another one. Pat from SPI is my all-time favorite and who can forget Michelle from Making sense of cents.

3. Eproducts

Eproducts like books and online courses are selling like hot cake these days. People are looking for solutions to their problems. Ebooks, online courses can help people find a solution to their problem.

If you have any skill (parenting, cooking, graphic designing, social media management), you can create an Ebook and sell it on your blog. Creating an Ebook is still far easy than creating an online course. Obviously, online courses has more demand and command a high price.

If you think you are an Excel champ just like this, or you an expert level guitarist or you know how to use Facebook Ads, or how to make various dishes, you can create a course and sell it on your blog. Most of them use Teachable to create courses. Before you create a course, make sure you understand your audience and their problems.

Do not create a course that nobody is interested in buying. You will end up in spending money, time and energy on a waste product. Creating an online course requires planning. You should have an expert level of knowledge on the topic and should be able to provide a solution to your reader’s problem.

For e.g.: You can find a course from Michelle on make money online for $197. Just do a simple Maths here. Even if she is getting a bare minimum of 100 customers a month, she will be earning close to $20K per month which is not a bad deal at all.

Creating courses require just one time investment. Nothing cheap or bullshit will work here. You need to be up to point and offer a solution that can help your readers.

4. Selling Services

A service could be anything. It could be writing services or becoming a virtual consultant for someone or giving voice lessons or becoming a proofreader for someone. Here are a few of the services that you could offer. Again, depending on your skills, it could be different.

VA’s are in huge demand these days, People need time and energy to focus on other things in life. They need someone who can take over tasks and complete them in stipulated time. For e.g.: you could become VA for someone to create images on Canva or Picmonkey if you have little graphic designing skills.

If you are a native English writer, you could start writing articles or become a proofreader. You could offer guitar lessons if you think you know how to play it.

You could offer 1-1 coaching classes or sessions to someone. Classes in the form of yoga instructor, health instructor, cooking instructor, personal diet mentor, online consulting and many others. When you do 1-1, you could charge a high price because of the nature of the job. Online coaching or consultation however require a good amount of time as you need to sit with the other person virtually or physically and offer them solutions to their problems.

5. Sponsorships

Companies love bloggers to write about their products or services. Once you apply for a sponsored post, you can get paid for writing a product or service.

The range of sponsored posts goes from a few 100 bucks to thousand. Taking the same example of Michelle, she earns close to $21K per month just from sponsorships on her blog.

Just imagine it. No sales pitch. No product creation. Just creating a 1000-1500 word post and getting $$$ for it.

The downside is that sponsorships doesn’t come easy. You need to have a great running blog with a large number of audience and a great following. All these criteria come to play into the picture when applying for a sponsored post. For beginners, getting sponsored posts is a bit difficult but once you start gaining some authority, you can charge anywhere from $100 -150 for it.

Broadly, these are the 5 main ways to earn money. There could be other too but they all fall either under Products or under Services. Just focus on any 2 of them if you are just starting out.

You may end up as a failure. But don’t worry. It’s a first baby step towards success. You have just taken one-step forward, now don’t look back, and just keep moving forward.

10 Impressive Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Today

In the past few years, blogging has taken the internet by storm. Many people have moved from their boring corporate jobs to the blogging world that gives them financial as well as time independence.


What Does a Blogger do?

A blogger writes on a topic that fascinates him the most. The topic could be on tech, money, lifestyle, home improvement, parenting, recipe, natural living, environment, a stock market, travel, health and fitness, survival, DIY, crafts, blogging, etc.

You need not be an expert in a niche. If you know about the topic or have a desire to learn more about, you can start blogging on it. As time will pass, you will get to know more about it from your own learning or from the experts in this niche.

Most people are not good at writing. Even I am not that good too. However, as you write more and more about topics, you feel confident and poised to write more on it.

How do Bloggers Make Money?

Bloggers make money via 5 main ways: Advertisements, Affiliates, Services, Products and Sponsorships.

Most beginners start with ads. Affiliates are the topmost choice for everyone to make a good amount of income.

Later when you have an established blog, you can start selling own courses or products. This happens when people trust you and in your products and services that you recommend to them. It is not an easy task though.

You can try any combination of these methods to surpass $10K per month easily and that too passively. If you want to try out blogging too, here are 10 powerful reasons to start blogging today:

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.

10 Reasons to Start Your Blog Today

1. Freedom and flexibility

Freedom is what we all badly want. Freedom to make our own decisions. Freedom to do whatever we want. Freedom to travel anywhere whenever we want. This is where blogging does stand out. It gives you the opportunity to design your own flexible schedule and make your own decisions. Unlike your day job where you have to take orders from seniors to do things in a certain way in which you don’t have any interest, blogging makes your life much easier.

I simply love flexible schedules. Unlike other jobs that require you to be there at a fixed time in the morning, blogging gives you an added advantage of going flexible. Like, I can work from remote locations, set my own timelines and work with my team remotely. No need to show up at the office and punch my card to mark my attendance. No boring meetings during the day and no nonsense powerpoint presentations.

2. Earn more than day job

Blogging for me is more than a passion or a hobby. It has helped to come out of debt and pay loans that could have taken another at-least 5-10 years had I not been involved in blogging. Not only I am without debt now, but it has also helped me to spend more time with my family and kids.

Unlike your day job that gives you a fixed income per month, blogging has no limit. People are making about 10-20X times of their usual day jobs and that too with financial and time freedom. If you are stuck in a shit job that doesn’t interest you anymore, just try out blogging and you never know if it could turn gold for you as it has done for so many people.

3. Travel anywhere, anytime

Who doesn’t love traveling? I do love it. Blogging has helped me to pursue my dream of visiting different countries and meeting different people. Not many people get this opportunity to travel after every one or a couple of months. Why does a soul-sucking job that gives you paid vacation just twice a year?

Do you want to wait until retirement to see other parts of the world? Enter blogging here. Blogging gives you ample opportunities to make use of time and travel whenever you like.

In fact, it allows you to work even remotely so you don’t have to worry about your work being impacted. The big bonus that comes with blogging is that it allows you to travel and work simultaneously.

4. Chance to pursue your dreams

We all have some dream down in our heart to pursue something for which we are very passionate. Unfortunately, most of us are not living our dreams. We are living our fears.

Blogging gives you an added advantage of starting it as a side business and grows it side by side until it gives you enough money on a consistent basis to leave your day job. Even I too started blogging while doing my day job. I used to work at late nights from home, during lunchtime in office and was completely focused on becoming a blogger one day.

Today, my blogs earn enough money and I have gained financial independence.

Again, all that glitters is not gold. Blogging is in no way an easy task. With so many bloggers out there, it is indeed competitive. But then, if you have that zeal inside you and have a clear strategy in mind as to how to go ahead, you must take a chance to pursue your dream.

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong Focus on what could go right

5. Its more like a challenge

Income doesn’t come easily from blogging. I always say this again and again just to make sure that I am not giving you a rosy picture about blogging. It requires a bit of investment, a lot of hard work and an immense amount of patience.

10 things that I haven’t told you so far about my first few years of blogging:

  • I failed at my very first experiment with blogging
  • I hired writers for my blog who handed over copied content to me
  • I took courses that were not valuable. Ended spending a lot of money on wasted products
  • I sacrificed my family time to work on my online business
  • I quit my social life to pursue my dream
  • I earned my first cheque from online income after 7 long months
  • I spent more than what I earned in my first year of blogging
  • I reduced my sleeping hours by a couple of hours every day
  • I used to sit on my laptop for more than 14 hours a day to make my blog grow and succeed

I am not saying all this to bring your confidence level down. It just that blogging is not like a walk in the park.

The most fascinating thing about blogging is that once your blog starts producing revenue on a consistent basis; it becomes sort of a passive income for you.

Keep on challenging yourself by setting up a higher limit for yourself. You need to work on bit and bytes and interesting things start happening when your blog starts receiving quality traffic.

6. Be your own Boss!!!

Blogging allows you to design your own schedule, set up your own tasks and work towards your dream. You are responsible for how much you earn in a month. Many bloggers earn more than $100K per month.

You need to put in a lot of hard work and sweat it out to earn the reward.

Remember, blogging is not an easy task at all especially for beginners. It requires a large amount of patience. You cannot expect to make a profit within a few months of launching a blog.

However, once it starts generating revenue, it becomes more like a passive income for you. You can work on weekends and take off on weekdays. Therefore, time freedom is there. There is absolutely no limit to how much you can earn. Hence, it guarantees financial freedom too.

The desire to live on your own terms makes it such a lucrative career option.

7. Low investment business

Unlike other businesses that require a huge upfront investment, blogging can be started $3.95 per month. This price is less than what you pay for a coffee @ Starbucks.

The only thing is that you have to pay for 36 months upfront and then you are ready to rock and roll. Blogging requires other tools and services also but they are optional. The only thing that is required for making the blog live is blog hosting.

8. Easily scalable

Blogging is easily scalable. All you need to do is make your first blog a success and then you can use that blog growth to grow more blogs. Many bloggers start with just one blog. Once it starts producing revenue on a consistent basis, it works like a passive income and requires a little amount of your time. Moreover, you can delegate day-to-day tasks to a VA (Virtual Assistant).

Once you have enough bandwidth in your hand, you can start another blog and start spending time and money on it and grow it like your first blog. Buy courses, software or services whatever you think will help your blog grow quickly. Learn from your own and other people’s mistakes.

Don’t hesitate to buy courses that offer value. They will help you grow more quickly. You can learn in and out of the system. If you are going to do on your own, it might take a good amount of time to reach a place where you could reach much earlier. For e.g.: if you want to drive traffic from Pinterest, you can take a course on Pinterest instead of spending time and figuring out how to use it to drive traffic to your blog.

9. Makes you little internet famous

What’s bad about becoming little internet famous? Today, I get so many emails from people across the globe appreciating my work. I love writing on topics on which I have a huge interest. It has helped to grow as a person too.

10. Instill confidence

It can be scary initially to put your thoughts in front of so many people.

The Internet is full of people trying to bring you down along the way. They will troll you and say negative about you.

But, just ignore them. Keep your goal and vision in mind and keep working on the path that you have chosen for yourself. 99% of the people will appreciate the work you are doing and how much they have learned from you.

Both positive and negative feedback that you receive as a blogger will instill confidence in you and will be ready to take more challenges in the future. Not only will this have a huge impact on your writing but also in your daily life as well.

Why I Still Love Making Niche Sites That Make Money From Ads

Who doesn’t like passive income? I do. In fact, I love passive income. Setting something up and then running it on autopilot mode to generate $$$ on a consistent basis is just so freaking awesome.

Love making niche sites

Let me admit it. I just love making niche sites.

They are so easy to make and generates passive income unless you get it and traffic fluctuates.

Just select a niche with long-tail keywords that have low competition. Write post yourself or hire a freelance writer to write content for you. Keep doing link building as you progress. Use Google Adsense or Media.net or Ezoic or Mediavine to monetize your blog.

A couple of ads in between the content and couple of ads on the sidebar is all that is required to earn a few dollars every day from a few thousands of page views.

Here are a few reasons why I love making money niche sites that make money from ads:

  1. No need to deal directly with advertisers
  2. Need to place just a few lines of code and you are done
  3. Unlike affiliate revenue which fluctuates, revenue from ads remain consistent throughout the year
  4. Just need to focus on creating evergreen content and link building
  5. Real-time tracking
  6. No delay in payments
  7. Hire a VA and run it on autopilot mode
  8. Absolute passive income
  9. Easily scalable
  10. Post a few quality articles each month and then sit back and relax

I know, most of you’d rather argue with me that ads are annoying. Yes, they are annoying. Only when you put excessive ads on the website. If you have an average content length of 1200 words, you should put max 3 within the content and 2 on the sidebar. Anything more than that will hurt the user experience (UI).

Word of caution: There are no guidelines as such on the number of ads. This is just my own personal opinion. Google earlier used to restrict publishers to 3 ads per page. But that limit has now been revoked.

In fact, I too hate visiting sites where I see little content with overflowing ads. The result is a high bounce rate.

Bloggers, mostly newcomers, often try to make quick money from their blog by placing too many ads thinking it will make them rich overnight. The end result: the blog die and perish on its own. Why hurry so much when you have an opportunity to earn more from your blog.

Making money stops me from being fooled by affiliate owners who shut their business in between without any notice and leave small affiliates like me crumbling. I never faced these things in the last 10 years with Adsense or at-least Media.net ads. They have net 30 payment terms and have never seen payments arriving late.

Talking about RPM. Yes. I know that most of the niche which serves ads earn low RPM but if you can scale your blog and get at-least half a million visitors per month, no one can stop you from earning great passive money from it.

Just keep on serving your users with quality content and they will keep coming back to your site for fresh content. Once your site gets stable, you need to spend just a few hours per week to update it on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can hire VA for this job and focus on some other project.

You can use the traffic and authority of your project to build traffic for your new project. It is comparatively easy to set and grow other projects once you have a running project that gives you revenue on a regular basis. You can pump in more money in your new project to get more traffic, take more courses that will help to flourish your online business, join an online community and speak with more experts in your niche.

Just keep on using this mode to build Adsense based sites and let them run to earn revenue for you passively.

Another main benefit of Adsense based sites is that that they work with almost every niche except gambling and porn niche. Unlike affiliate-based sites, where there should be a market to promote the product, this is not required with Adsense based sites.

Most ad networks easily accept sites that have fresh and updated content. You just need to place JavaScript tags here and there and ads start appearing there. Based on how many clicks you receive per day and some other factors, your earnings for a day is determined.

Even if you get rejected by Adsense, there are still a lot of advertisers where you can apply. Below are a few alternate options:

  1. Media.net
  2. Ezoic
  3. Mediavine
  4. AdThrive
  5. Monumetric
  6. ConversantMedia
  7. Taboola
  8. Outbrain
  9. ZergNet
  10. Pixfuture

Adsense like sites pays like a regular 9-5 job. Many bloggers earn even more than their usual day job. The extra money you earn from blogging can be used to reinvest in some other blogging projects. You can travel and even work from remote locations without worrying about your projects. Become a remote blogger and get to work when and where you want – or travel while blogging!

You just need to add fresh content and monitor your sites and that can be done just by having an internet connection. No need to ask for leave from your boss, or justify your skills for a pay hike. Just set up your own online business and you can be your own boss in no time!!!

Adsense based sites, however, suffer from some drawbacks too. Some bloggers add too many ads in a bid to earn more money from it. Adding more ads not only will reduce your income but will also impact user experience and badly hit the bounce rate.

Just try to understand it. A user comes on the site to check content or looking for some solution for a problem that your site offers. If you bombard him with too many ads, he will close your site and click on the next available link appearing in Google search results.

This will affect your website’s bounce rate and if such things continue on a regular basis, your rankings in Google can take a serious blow. If your rankings go down, your site will appear late in search results which will result in fewer clicks. Ultimately, your number of page views will go down.

With fewer page views, less click on ads. Less click on ads means less ad revenue.

So, you see this is like a vicious circle.

In a nutshell, more ads don’t necessarily mean more money. It can sometimes result in less revenue too. When you place ads on-site, always keep UI (user interface) thing in mind. Your site’s UI should not go for a toss when you place ads on your site.

Ideally, I recommend that if your content length is around 1200 words per post, you can show 3 ads within the content and 2 on the sidebar. So, in total 5 ads for average post length of 1200 words. Again, let me clarify it. It is just my opinion. Nobody stops you from placing any number of ads on your blog.

Anything more than that means you are taking a big risk with it. Earning less is far better than earning nothing.

It is, therefore, best to focus on increasing traffic by posting awesome green content rather than running after gold by placing too many ads on the site.

Stop Procrastinating: Start a Niche Site Today

No matter how well-organized and committed you are to your work – chances are that you might have spent time on things when you should have been spending time on some other important projects. In this article, I am going to tell you why you should stop procrastinating and go head with your first niche site today!


Just imagine how awesome would it feel if you are able to make a few hundred dollars every month by doing something that you love. Or just imagine that you are going to bed with a thought in mind that you don’t have any further debts to pay. Or your next trip will be sponsored from your part-time income. Isn’t it?

Welcome to the big world of blogging.

According to a poll done by Gallup in the US in 2017, around 85% of Americans hate their jobs. Just look at the number 85%. It’s whooping. This means that about 85 in every 100 people dislike their jobs. Most of us do jobs that we don’t like just to earn bread and butter for our family.

The only thing that stops you from achieving your goals are your fears

Why not do something that we love and enjoy. I have seen someone having a huge interest in photography doing coding in a 9-5 job. Someone having a passion for coaching doing an odd job during the day. Someone passionate about architecture working with an accountancy firm.

People fail because they do not follow their hearts. As someone says, “We are not living our dreams, we are just living our fears”. This holds true in today’s world.

There are a lot of ways to earn money today. Blogging, indeed, is one of them.

If you are not going to work for your dreams, who will?

Working towards your dreams is a 4 step process:

Plan . Act . Grow . Monetize

Plan: Lay the initial foundation stone of your dreams. Just think. Do I want to start a blog? If yes, on which topic?

Am I willing to put in a small minimum investment of $200 to pursue my dreams?

What if I fail? Will I stand again and work again on my dreams. As someone has said, I don’t say I have failed 1000 times. I know 1000 reasons that can cause failure.

Am I am willing to put in hard work and time on my blog?

Act: Execute your plan. Spend some money on a domain name, hosting, email service. If you afford a bit more, try taking some courses. They will help you to move towards your goal fast.

Grow: Treat your blog like your baby. Love it and take care of it. Post awesome content, build relationships, grow links, and results will follow.

Monetize: One traffic starts coming, its time to monetize your blog. You can try out ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorship to begin with. Once you become an expert, you can try your hand on creating a course.

The only thing that stops you from achieving your dreams is only you.

Blogging is so easy to start and requires such a little investment. Unlike another business which requires a huge upfront investment and failure might you put in jeopardy, blogging is not like that.

It requires little investment (under $200) and of course hard work, patience, and time.

Starting a blog is no big deal. Getting traffic on your site is. Today there are thousands of blogs on each topic. You need to choose a topic where you can write quality content and that has some space for you to grow. You must have a strategy once you decide to proceed further.

Strategy, in the sense, which long-tail keywords will you target, how are you going to bring traffic, which guests posting sites will you target, how are you going to analyze competitors links, how are you going to monetize your blog, would you allow guest posting and many more.

You need to have a blogging roadmap ready before you move deeper into it. Just understand one thing: results will take time. They won’t come overnight. I told you earlier that blogging requires patience. If you are thinking of blogging as a quick money-making tool, you are in the wrong place.

You should better apply for survey bases websites or teach English to students or become a virtual assistant that pays in a short time and has a limit on how much you can earn.

There is absolutely no limit on how much you can earn through blogging. I have seen top bloggers earn as much as more than 100,000 per month. That is a big dreamy figure for most of us.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work

~Thomas Edison

But again nothing is impossible. Everyone who is earning today from blogging started from zero. That’s the truth. You can also be the next millionaire. Just follow your dreams and put in hard work. Don’t give it a half-hearted try.

People do make mistakes and you are bound to make it too. Nobody is born perfect. I took made mistakes and even today mistakes do happen. But this is not a reason to worry. If you have never made a mistake, that means you have never tried anything new in life.

Starting a niche site on a topic and growing like it your baby will allow you to reap fruits in the future. A niche site is not at all difficult to start. Here is a step-by-step tutorial that I wrote some time back on how to start a niche site.

A niche site revolves around a topic. You need to pick up a niche that you are passionate about or you are knowledgeable about it or you are eager to further explore it. Whatever it be, setting up a site is not a big task at all.

When I started my first niche site in the year 2009, little I knew that I could make money from it. It all started as a hobby and later became my full-time business. Sitting for long hours in front of my laptop became a normal thing for me. The traffic didn’t come initially and I almost gave it up. But then I looked at other bloggers who were sticking around and trying to make a buck.

I didn’t lose my nerves then. I kept on posting awesome content on my website. It took 6 months and in January 2010 I earned my first couple of dollars online. I still remember that moment when I opened my Adsense account. This is what I saw “Estimated earnings: $2.43”. Voila! Really. I made my first couple of dollars online.

That feeling was awesome. Those couple of dollars pumped in 2000 volts of energy in me and I started posting more awesome content on the site.

To keep things short, blogging has made my life so amazing. Blogging has helped me to connect to millions of people across the world. Today I can afford things that I was hesitant to buy earlier.