9 Ultimate Backlink Checker Tools (Free & Paid) For Your Websites in 2020

To write a triumphant tale of your online business, you need to be a master of Search Engine Optimization. Nevertheless, this is not as easy as said. There are many threads attached to it and getting a grip on each is an arduous task. You can do the best by holding one at a time. So, this time, better kickstart with backlinks.


Why Backlinks Are So Important For Your Website?

Whether you are a blogger or you have an online enterprise, you must be having a lot at stake. That is why you need to opt for things that can enhance your online visibility. One such thing is a backlink. Apart from this, it stealthily keeps an eye on your competitors so that you do not lag behind. Indeed, it won’t be wrong to say that the benefits of backlinks are so much that one can end up writing a book on it.

Now, the question is whether all backlinks are good or one needs to keep an eye open while backlinking.

Why Do an Analysis of Backlinks?

If you do not want to become the victim of bad backlinks, then it is important to ensure that the one you are choosing is a quality backlink. For this, you need to do a backlink analysis that involves the usage of backlink checker tools.

All those who use these tools get the following edge in the competition of the virtual world:

  • You get to know more about the sites which your competitor site or your site is linked to.
  • You are able to bring the friend domains of your counterparts and blend it into your friend zone.
  • You are able to let Google know that your competition is with an established site.
  • You can learn who is linking your content so that you can return the favor and make some friends in the online world.

Coming to the selection of backlink checker tools, it is important to tell you that not all backlink analysis tools are equally efficient. That is why you are suggested to take a look at the 9 best backlink checker tools that can boost traffic on your websites.

9 Best Backlink Checker Tools For Your Websites

1. Google Search Console

Search console

This might not be the best of all the options mentioned here but is definitely a competent one. The American giant that stands tall in the virtual world, Google offers – Google Search Console. A part of the Webmaster Tools, this backlink analysis tool helps you in checking out “Links to Your Site”.

You can take a look at this under the “Search Traffic” section, which will let you know how many links are there to your site. You also get the knowledge of the websites which are linked to your most, thereby helping you to know who your friends are. Apart from this, you get to know which content on your site is most liked and the anchor text used.

The drawback here is that it only gives you information about your own site backlinks and not of your competitors. Despite this, it makes it to the list as it provides up-to-date information directly from the source.

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2. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

No third party data information, Majestic SEO covers the extra mile by checking the web itself to help webmasters. The most intriguing part of this backlink checking tool is that it tells you which backlinks are directed to your own site and which ones are inclined towards your competitors.

In addition to this, it also helps you avail of the information about the number of referring domains and the IPs. Just like Google Console, it also helps you get an insight of the anchor text, links that are set to follow, and many more things. It is for free and with a paid subscription you can enjoy the benefit of additional information.

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3. SEMrush


This might not give you the maximum benefits in free service (due to the limited access in free service) and you have to opt for paid service, still, it seems to be a good option. SEMrush has the potential to offer you all the relevant information on any URL that you enter.

It also keeps you informed about the backlinks pointing towards your site apart from tracking multiple competitor sites. You will get complete information about all the links, which will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

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4. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer

When it comes to backlinking analysis then progeny of Moz – Open Site Explorer is no less than the rest. It has the capability to keep you ahead in the game of search engines with the help of its backlink analysis. It not only offers you information about the number of links for a site but also keeps you informed about the newest links.

You also gain the knowledge of the page and domain authority and the spam score. This is just the tip of the iceberg that you get to see in free searches. However, when you opt for paid service then you get access to run unlimited reports in addition to tracking links over time and many other things.

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5. Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch

Do you want to spy on your competitors? If yes, then Backlink Watch is the best option you have got. It is designed for this specific job and that is why it has gained popularity among SEO great minds. Things like knowing the total number of links or the ranking of the page, used anchor text, etc. are just a few things that this backlink analysis tool offers.

Apart from this, you also get certain extra information here like which links are set to dofollow or nofollow. Surprisingly, this best thing comes for free. This means you can use it as often as you like without paying a single penny. Bingo!

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6. Ahrefs


You want to know from where you are getting backlinks, how many you have in your pocket or what anchor text used, etc. then register for Ahrefs free account.  It will offer you a comprehensive analysis. That said, if you want to get in-depth analysis and are willing to track your progress over time, then you must go for its paid account. This way you will attain information about your competitors’ site and how to improve for better results.

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7. Rank Signals

Rank Signals

Plenty of information in a free package is what Rank Signals all about.  It helps you know more about the number of external links aside from the number of followers your site has on social media. You also get information regarding the Alexa traffic rank and page ranking. This tool is available for free yet to attain a complete report, you need to create an account.

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8. Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler

Just like any other backlink checker tool, Open Link Profiler also gives you relevant information the moment you put in a URL. It gives you the link profile that includes its age, industries, context, countries, etc. Interestingly, here you also get the knowledge which links are hampering your page to reach the top ranks and helps you remove it.

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9. Buzz Sumo

Buzz sumo

This is not a free backlink analysis tool, but a paid one. That is why it has been on the bottom of the list of best backlink checker tools. However, it makes to the list because it offers you complete information about the backlinks of your competitors, the performance of contents due to those links, the pages shared most of the times, how to identify opportunities for links, what type of content appeals most of the links, etc.

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As of now, you know what are the top 9 backlink checker tools for your websites, yet it is highly advisable to select the one that meets all your requirements and not by its popularity. Definitely, you will be able to see the positive effects of using any of the aforementioned backlink analysis tools.

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