What is the Difference Between a Domain Name (URL) and Blog Title?

Before you start on your blogging journey with a new blog, you would probably want a domain name and a blog title that helps your readers and Google to identify what your blog is all about.  It is therefore advisable to name your blog before you set it out on the internet.

Most of the newbie bloggers get confused between relatively different terms: the domain name and blog name.

So, lets quickly look below and see what they both are all about.

Domain Name

A domain name is the domain of your blog. For e.g. the domain of this blog is growthever.com.

A domain is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the blog.

Whenever domain name is in picture, just have a look at the address bar in the browser and see the domain name. Usually it is s like : https:/www.growthever.com

The domain name of this blog is growthever.com

Just like you have an address of a particular home, a domain name serves as an address of a blog. It is just similar to like that. This allows anyone on the internet to visit your blog just by writing your domain name on the browser.

Before you start blogging on a particular niche, you need to buy hosting and a domain name for your blog. While you can buy both of them from the same company and in such a case you might also get a bit of a discount, you can also buy both as separate items from different companies too.

A hosting company usually allows you to purchase a domain name from it or you can just skip it or buy just hosting only,.

A domain is what you buy for your blog from a hosting company like GoDaddy or NameCheap.

A domain represents the identity of your blog. It is what people see in the Google search results when your blog ranks for a particular keyword.

See screenshot below:

Unlike a blog title, that you can change for n number of times, a domain name is not easy to change. Even if you go ahead and change the domain name, it is highly likely that you will lose your search engine rankings and your traffic too. Yes, few people do that in situations where they feel they need to rebrand their blog and then they usually 301 redirect all the traffic to the new blog.

But for most of the bloggers prefer not to change the domain and keep on blogging on the same domain name.

A decent domain name should be between 8-15 chars at most. Try avoiding using hyphens or numbers in the domain names. For e.g.: If you have a blog in a gardening niche try to have the main keyword (“garden”) in the domain itself or like if you are in home improvement, the main keyword like “home” or “house” in the domain name would be simply great.

Though it is not recommended at all but somehow when your domain appears in the SERP, the reader would be able to see that this blog is all about gardening and this could help him to answer his needs.

So, whenever you buy a domain name just make sure not to make the mistakes like most people do. A good brandable domain would also help you to sell your blog at a premium price.

Blog Title

A blog title is a small title that tells a user about your blog. It can be anything that you want. For instance, if your name is John and you are in Tech niche, a simple blog title could be like “John’s Tech Stuff”

You can change blog title anytime you want.  If you ever decide to change the title, you are just one option away from that. Here is the option in WordPress to set the blog title:

  1. Go to Settings -> General
  2. Enter the desired title in “Site Title” field
  3. Save changes
Site Title is your Blog Title

No matter which theme you are on, the blog title can be changed from this location only. And your theme will pick the title from here.

FAQ’s on Domain Name and Blog Title

Should you buy a domain and hosting from the same company?

Well, not necessary. Usually, when you buy hosting for your new blog you go to the hosting company site and they give you an option to buy a domain name too. You can either choose to buy it from there or just skip it and buy hosting only.
You can buy domain from other companies like Namecheap or Godaddy.

Can you have the free domain for your blog?

Blogging is the least expensive business to start. Buying a domain name is usually cheaper from Namecheap or Godaddy. They usually charge $8-10 for a single .com domain name. I believe you can incur this small amount of money for the blog if you want to go high in the blogging world.

I still say that blogging is an inexpensive business to start against the brick and mortar business that requires huge investment on the table.

So just spend some money and buy a good domain for your blog and move ahead in the blogging world.

Should I change my domain name just because I don’t like it?

I won’t recommend it unless you have some serious issues with your domain name aka URL like some negative backlinking (linking to casino, gambling or adult sites).

If you don’t have an issue like this, you should probably stay away from changing the domain name else that would result in loss of rankings and traffic.

How many times can I update my blog title?

You can change blog title as many times as you want. But from a blogging perspective, you should set it once and not change on a regular basis.

Would it affect my website SEO if I change the domain name?

Yes, absolutely. Your blog might suffer from the big ranking drop and traffic once you change the domain. Even if you 301 redirect the old to a new domain, it will lose some of the traffic. You need to start building links again to the new blog as old external links will be pointing to the old blog.


Both domain name and blog title serve entirely different purposes. Both are used to identify a blog. While blog title can be changed, again, and again, it is not recommended to change the domain once you buy it unless you have some serious issues with the domain like negative backlinking.

It is recommended to come up with a unique domain name and blog title for your blog in this already crowded blogosphere. Just like every technology site has a tech word in this domain, if you are planning to build a blog on tech niche, avoid using a tech keyword in the domain. So that your blog could be a little unique.

9 Ultimate Backlink Checker Tools (Free & Paid) For Your Websites in 2020

To write a triumphant tale of your online business, you need to be a master of Search Engine Optimization. Nevertheless, this is not as easy as said. There are many threads attached to it and getting a grip on each is an arduous task. You can do the best by holding one at a time. So, this time, better kickstart with backlinks.


Why Backlinks Are So Important For Your Website?

Whether you are a blogger or you have an online enterprise, you must be having a lot at stake. That is why you need to opt for things that can enhance your online visibility. One such thing is a backlink. Apart from this, it stealthily keeps an eye on your competitors so that you do not lag behind. Indeed, it won’t be wrong to say that the benefits of backlinks are so much that one can end up writing a book on it.

Now, the question is whether all backlinks are good or one needs to keep an eye open while backlinking.

Why Do an Analysis of Backlinks?

If you do not want to become the victim of bad backlinks, then it is important to ensure that the one you are choosing is a quality backlink. For this, you need to do a backlink analysis that involves the usage of backlink checker tools.

All those who use these tools get the following edge in the competition of the virtual world:

  • You get to know more about the sites which your competitor site or your site is linked to.
  • You are able to bring the friend domains of your counterparts and blend it into your friend zone.
  • You are able to let Google know that your competition is with an established site.
  • You can learn who is linking your content so that you can return the favor and make some friends in the online world.

Coming to the selection of backlink checker tools, it is important to tell you that not all backlink analysis tools are equally efficient. That is why you are suggested to take a look at the 9 best backlink checker tools that can boost traffic on your websites.

9 Best Backlink Checker Tools For Your Websites

1. Google Search Console

Search console

This might not be the best of all the options mentioned here but is definitely a competent one. The American giant that stands tall in the virtual world, Google offers – Google Search Console. A part of the Webmaster Tools, this backlink analysis tool helps you in checking out “Links to Your Site”.

You can take a look at this under the “Search Traffic” section, which will let you know how many links are there to your site. You also get the knowledge of the websites which are linked to your most, thereby helping you to know who your friends are. Apart from this, you get to know which content on your site is most liked and the anchor text used.

The drawback here is that it only gives you information about your own site backlinks and not of your competitors. Despite this, it makes it to the list as it provides up-to-date information directly from the source.

Visit Here

2. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

No third party data information, Majestic SEO covers the extra mile by checking the web itself to help webmasters. The most intriguing part of this backlink checking tool is that it tells you which backlinks are directed to your own site and which ones are inclined towards your competitors.

In addition to this, it also helps you avail of the information about the number of referring domains and the IPs. Just like Google Console, it also helps you get an insight of the anchor text, links that are set to follow, and many more things. It is for free and with a paid subscription you can enjoy the benefit of additional information.

Visit Here

3. SEMrush


This might not give you the maximum benefits in free service (due to the limited access in free service) and you have to opt for paid service, still, it seems to be a good option. SEMrush has the potential to offer you all the relevant information on any URL that you enter.

It also keeps you informed about the backlinks pointing towards your site apart from tracking multiple competitor sites. You will get complete information about all the links, which will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Visit Here

4. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer

When it comes to backlinking analysis then progeny of Moz – Open Site Explorer is no less than the rest. It has the capability to keep you ahead in the game of search engines with the help of its backlink analysis. It not only offers you information about the number of links for a site but also keeps you informed about the newest links.

You also gain the knowledge of the page and domain authority and the spam score. This is just the tip of the iceberg that you get to see in free searches. However, when you opt for paid service then you get access to run unlimited reports in addition to tracking links over time and many other things.

Visit Here

5. Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch

Do you want to spy on your competitors? If yes, then Backlink Watch is the best option you have got. It is designed for this specific job and that is why it has gained popularity among SEO great minds. Things like knowing the total number of links or the ranking of the page, used anchor text, etc. are just a few things that this backlink analysis tool offers.

Apart from this, you also get certain extra information here like which links are set to dofollow or nofollow. Surprisingly, this best thing comes for free. This means you can use it as often as you like without paying a single penny. Bingo!

Visit Here

6. Ahrefs


You want to know from where you are getting backlinks, how many you have in your pocket or what anchor text used, etc. then register for Ahrefs free account.  It will offer you a comprehensive analysis. That said, if you want to get in-depth analysis and are willing to track your progress over time, then you must go for its paid account. This way you will attain information about your competitors’ site and how to improve for better results.

Visit Here

7. Rank Signals

Rank Signals

Plenty of information in a free package is what Rank Signals all about.  It helps you know more about the number of external links aside from the number of followers your site has on social media. You also get information regarding the Alexa traffic rank and page ranking. This tool is available for free yet to attain a complete report, you need to create an account.

Visit Here

8. Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler

Just like any other backlink checker tool, Open Link Profiler also gives you relevant information the moment you put in a URL. It gives you the link profile that includes its age, industries, context, countries, etc. Interestingly, here you also get the knowledge which links are hampering your page to reach the top ranks and helps you remove it.

Visit Here

9. Buzz Sumo

Buzz sumo

This is not a free backlink analysis tool, but a paid one. That is why it has been on the bottom of the list of best backlink checker tools. However, it makes to the list because it offers you complete information about the backlinks of your competitors, the performance of contents due to those links, the pages shared most of the times, how to identify opportunities for links, what type of content appeals most of the links, etc.

Visit Here


As of now, you know what are the top 9 backlink checker tools for your websites, yet it is highly advisable to select the one that meets all your requirements and not by its popularity. Definitely, you will be able to see the positive effects of using any of the aforementioned backlink analysis tools.

How To Create a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Page For Your Site?

You all very well know why we need a privacy policy and disclaimer for our blog. If not, then please read on.


A privacy policy page tells a user how a site gathers information from the user and how the ads are served to him.

Even if you are applying for the Google Adsense program or any other ad program, you need to have these pages to get your site approved.

Hence, it becomes utmost necessary to add a privacy page on your blog.

Why do You Need to Add a Privacy Policy Page on Your Blog?

A privacy policy page on your blog increases the trustworthiness of your readers. The person visiting your blog would be able to know what information your site is capturing and what kind of ads will be shown to him. With more people taking their privacy more seriously, it is now becoming mandatory for all bloggers to add this page on their blog.

Before you go ahead and apply for any advertising or affiliate program, make sure your blog does have this page and it is can be crawled from anywhere on your website.

While most of the new beginners struggle to find what they should add on the privacy policy page, this post is definitely a must checkout guide for those bloggers.

In this article, let me show you how to create a privacy policy page and add it to your blog.

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page?

Most of the newbie bloggers or even experienced ones don’t have enough knowledge on how to create a privacy policy page and what information they should post in it. In this post, I will show how to create the same using third-party tools. So, here you go.

Step 1: Go to Privacy Policy generator page

Step 2: On the right-hand side, you will see a form that will ask you for:

Your Company Name
Your Website Name
Your Website URL

Enter the self-explanatory information and click Next.

Step 3: It will now ask you for more additional information:

Do you use cookies on your website?
Do you show advertising through Google AdSense on your website?
Do you show advertising from third parties (except Google)?

Again, enter the self-explanatory information and click Next.

Step 4: It will then ask you about your Business country, the State and your Email address.

Once you enter this information, just click the “Generate My Privacy Policy” button.

It will then create the privacy page for your blog which you can copy and paste it on your page.

Alternatively, it will also create a link for it too and you can use that link to show the privacy page on your blog. The page will be hosted on their server only.

If you are familiar with HTML, you can copy the HTML code and change the text as you feel like.

How To Add The Generated Privacy Policy To Your Blog?

Step 1: Login to your website and go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New

Step 2: Paste the privacy policy text that you copied earlier and the name the title of your page as Privacy Policy.

How to create a privacy policy and disclaimer page for your site Publish your page.

That’s it. You have successfully created a privacy policy page for your blog. You can now proceed and gett your blog apoved for Adsende or another affiliate program.

Why Do We Need a Disclaimer Page on Our Blog?

A Disclaimer, sometimes referred to as a Disclosure, is a specific statement for visitors in order to provide transparency. For example, as a website owner, you disclose that your site blog posts contain affiliate links (since it’s required by the US FTC and major affiliate networks).

A Disclaimer is required by major affiliate networks such as Amazon Associates or Commission Junction if you have affiliate links on your website.

How to Add a Disclaimer on Your Blog?

Step 1: Go to page https://www.disclaimergenerator.net/ .
Step 2: Fill the information in the right-hand side

Your Company Name
Your Website Name
Your Website URL

Click Next.

Step 3:

Enter the Country, State and your Email address and click “Generate My Disclaimer

It will create content for Disclaimer which you can copy and paste on your site.

Alternatively, it will also give you a link to the page which will be hosted on their server.

Also, it will give you HTML code which you can use to edit the content

FAQ’s on Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Pages

Where should you place Privacy Policy Page?

The privacy policy page normally goes to the footer. Pages like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer find their page at the bottom of the page. It is not they are useless pages, it is just that people are just not interested in reading these pages.

Is it mandatory to have Privacy Policy page on the site?

Yes. It has now become a mandate to have this page on your site otherwise it will be difficult for you to get approved in any advertising or affiliate program

If you still have any questions, please do let me know in the comments below.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog?

Blogging today has redefined people’s lives. Many of the bloggers, today, are earning bread n butter for their family from just blogging only. They, like me, have ditched their 9-5 cubicle to start living their dream life.

Blogging, no doubt, has changed people’s lives for good. Not only it has helped to stay at the comfort of their home but has also helped them to earn more than their 9-5 job. Here in this article, let’s have a look at the various costs involved in starting a new blog.

Cost to start a blog

One thing that I have seen that most of the bloggers start a blog on Blogspot and WordPress free account. When you start a blog on these platforms, your domain becomes something like this:


While that is also a good way to pen down your thoughts, it is always better to go for self-hosted platforms primarily for 3 main reasons:

  1. From an SEO point of view, it is better to have your own domain
  2. A branded domain helps you to drive more traffic
  3. You can make your domain your brand in the future

While blogging is an inexpensive business to start as compared to other businesses where you need to put upfront investment to start, Blogging can be started with just a small investment.

Lets dive down and see how much does it cost you to own a self-hosted blog. In this article, I am going to break down blogging initial cost from domain, to themes to plugins and how by making just a small investment you can give feathers to your dreams.

How Much Does it Cost to Set up a WordPress on Your Blog?

WordPress software is free and anyone can download it from here and start his/her website.

It is available under a GNU license and can be used on any number of websites that you own.

You may need to invest a bit on customizations along the way and then these things will also come into the picture.

Most of the web hosts today install WordPress free of cost for you. So, there is no headache for you to download it from the WordPress site and install it on your own.

Even if you are not a technical person, your web host should be able to help you in just no time

Cost of a Domain

A domain is what we call a URL (Uniform Source Locator) of a website. It is not expensive at all. All you need is to go to any good domain provider like Namecheap or GoDaddy and buy it form right there.

While both of them are pretty god, I personally prefer, Namecheap. The thing is that their cost is bit cheap than GoDaddy and also they provide your one full year of private registration free of cost.

A “.COM” domain from Namecheap as of today would cost you somewhere around for $10. It is just a very small investment which you should make if you want to join the blogging world.

If you divide it by 12, it comes to just $0.83 which means you are spending just $0.83 each month on your domain which is almost nothing.

Cost of a Hosting

Hosting, is the most important one. You must choose a host that has a great reputation and provides outstanding support.

While there are a bunch of web hosts in the market, I personally prefer 5 of them:

1. Bluehost

2. Siteground

3. Cloudways (Have been with them for 3+ years)

4. WPX hosting

5. GreenGeeks

There are a few things that you must keep in mind while buying a hosting.

First, the web host should have a great reputation. You can quickly Google search and look for reviews.

Secondly, they must have great uptime of their servers which means your website should always be available online.

Thirdly, their customer support should be super awesome. If for some reason, you find an issue with your website or your website goes down, the support team should be able to handle your query quickly and bring your website up.

Fourth, the price should be okay. While there are cheaper alternatives available in the market, you must go with a host that fulfil all these criteria. Any good hosting should be available around $10 a month which I think is pretty cheap.

Cost of a Theme

WordPress provides inbuilt themes that are not that recommended. This is why you should always buy a professional theme.

There are a lot of themes available in the market but I personally like GeneratePress and Astra theme.

While GeneratePress is a completely Paid theme, Astra offers a free as well as Paid version too.

Both these themes are extremely good and I would prefer to get Astra theme from here and start working on your blog.

This theme (Astra) has some of the amazing customizations and can help you to quickly change look and feel of your blog.

Cost of a Plugins

Plugins are small zip files that extend the functionality of your blog. While there are a plethora of plugins available online for everything. You need not pay for any plugin unless it is absolutely necessary.

Honestly, I feel when starting out, you can go ahead with the free plugins and get started and as and when required, you can buy a plugin to move forward. Here are 7 free plugins that you must get on your blog when you get started:

1. RankMath

2. BackupWordpress

3. Contact Form 7

4. Shortpixel

5. Table of Contents

6. Social Snap

7. Really Simple SSL

Cost of Using a PageBuilder

Pagebuilders are mostly used to create landing pages. They offer heavy customization and can help you to create some of the super awesome landing pages.

The drawback with page builders is that they are heavy and might affect your page loading speed.

Again, they should not be used across the site and only on landing or home page only. When you are just starting out, you may not need them as you can have a simple home page and can show your top published posts.

But as you start getting more traffic, use a page builder like Elementor Pro to build your landing pages

FAQ’s Related to Cost of Starting a blog

1. Do WordPress plugins cost money?

Yes and No. Most of the plugins are free and available on the WordPress repository. But if you need a plugin that offers specific customization, then you may need to shell out a few bucks to install and make it work for you.

2. Are free WordPress themes secure?

Free WordPress themes are prone to hacks and can have a malicious code inside which may lead to your website get hacked. They are normally not that secure. That is why it is always recommended to go for paid themes. You can expect support round the year from the creator of the theme.

3. How much is the WordPress cost per year?

Zero. WordPress is available free of cost on WordPress.org. You just need to download the star the software and get started with your blog. Alternatively, your WordPress host should be ready to install and get it ready for you.

4. How many plugins should you have on a website?

There is no limit as such. But more plugins you would use, the heavier your blog will become. Ideally, 10-12 plugins are enough and can be used on the blog.

Some bloggers even use 20+ plugins on their blog. But you need to keep in mind that any bad plugin can break your site. So, it is important to check the reviews of a plugin before installing it.

5. Is it necessary to use Page builders?

No, It is not necessary at all. Page builders are mostly required to build landing pages. Ideally, they should not be used throughout the site for the reason that they are pretty heavy and slow down the site.

6. What is the cost of starting a blog?

One normally needs to pay only for a domain, hosting, and theme to start a blog. Assuming that domain is available for $10, hosting is available for as low as $5 and a good theme can be bought for around $60.

So, the total cost would be something in the range of $75-$90.

If you are a beginner and just starting out, you can start small and then start putting in money towards customizations as your traffic grows.

While there is no limit on how much you can spend on customizations like themes and plugins, the most important thing is that your content should be super strong. Because a user comes to your blog looking for something and you must provide enough information to complete his queries.

Top 11 Best Financial Blogs That You Must Follow in 2020 For Money Saving Tips

In just a flick of seconds, money gets used and you don’t even know when it was in your hand. This is a special attribute of money that makes saving difficult. Perhaps that is why you need to learn new ways of investment and savings method.

For, this you need to remain updated with new financial products available in the market. In this era of internet, you can do it effortlessly by staying connected to financial blogs.

best financial blogs

So, for your help here 11 best financial blogs to follow in 2020 have been discussed. You are advised to take a look at all the following options:

Top 11 Best Financial Blogs To Follow This Year

Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom

Financial freedom and financial security go hand in hand. You can have the security of money only when you have the freedom to use your money judiciously. This is also true for women who are busy raising their family. Whether you are single or married, it doesn’t matter, you need to take care of where to invest money and how to handle the savings and expenditure.

Even if you do not have kids at the right moment, you need to take care of the future. On the basis of all these things, Money Saving Mom offers you blogs that help in multiplying your wealth and keeping it safe. The owner of the site, Crystal Paine suggests you relevant the tips and deals with respect to business finance.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder

If you want to make money then The Penny Hoarder is one of the best options available for you. You can easily make some extra cash apart from your job with the help of investment choices discussed here.

The most intriguing thing about this financial blog is that there is no single blogger who keeps writing about financial products available in the market. Here you find write-ups on saving money and making smart investment choices. You can look for deals and other freebies of the Penny Hoarder.

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai

Sam Dogen is the founder of Financial Samurai and knows the importance of money. That is why he helps you in understanding how to save money easily, where to invest money (keeping the money security in mind) and how to make money.

The writer shares his knowledge of money and finance on his financial blog and covers topics that are very common yet most in demand. For instance, he helps in understanding things like when you buy a car you look for some guidance or if you retire early how to manage your money, etc.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

This blog site is also known as “Ramit Sethi blog”. The name of the blog is based on Sethi’s best-selling book with the same name. The founder of the blog has been an influential personal finance teacher who offers you tons of advice on how to make money and invest your money in the best way possible. Mostly you can find two posts per week but all will be quite helpful in making you rich.

Mint Personal Finance Advice Blog


This is a personal finance blog from the USA, where you get to learn the fundamentals of financial management. The better awareness of managing money helps you greatly in making frugal lifestyle choices. This blog is available on mobile as well and you can keep in touch to remain updated about how to handle financial life.

The experts at Mint ensure that you bring together your bank accounts, bills, and manage your free credit score, credit cards, etc. in addition to the investments. The tips offered here are mostly personalized and gives you suggestions that could make an impact on your money.  The frequency of posts here is about 3 per week.

Dough Roller

Dough Roller

Another financial blog website that can offer you great tips on handling money wisely is Dough Roller. Founded by Rob Berger, today this site is managed by a team of financial experts who know what are the problems faced by a common man in managing your money and using bank credit properly.

The blogs are also quite informative with respect to financial investments and financial tools available in the market. Technically, here you can find reviews of different banks, more about their credit cards, and financial services.

Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy

Personal finance is fun for those who follow Budgets Are Sexy as the founder of the blog J. Money keeps the tone of the write-ups quite light and engaging. The words are simple and any layman can understand what the writer wants to convey.

All the suggestions given here are based on personal finance and help you understand the gravity of investment in an easy way.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly

The founder of “Get Rich slowly” J.D. Roth understands that what comes fast goes even faster. That is why he suggests you to make investments based on common sense. He believes more in money saving. He chooses the topics to write articles which are more oriented towards money saving tips and tricks. He helps you in choosing the best banking products where you receive a high rate of interest and returns.

The blogs available here are more targeted on planning for retirement, overcoming your own debt and creating less debt and more savings. So, that you do not end up in any kind of future financial troubles. You can find two posts per week which are sufficient for a common man who wants to go slow.

Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents

Savings not only means keeping a large amount of sum from your income. It also means to save bucks on your expenditure and this is what you get to learn at Making Sense of Cents. Whether it is your grocery bill or your online shopping bills, you need to keep it under control. Only then you can reduce your expenditure and save more money from the same income. This blog is all about making the maximum use of your income rather than looking for new ways to invest money and live a life of where your money is at risk.

Money Ning

Money Ning

David Ning, who is the founder of Money Ning knows how to take frugal living to the next level. You must be someone who is already into savings and knows the importance of both savings and investment. You just need to cover some extra miles and Money Ning offers you that.

Here you get suggestions on leading a comfortable life within a defined budget and make trips in a way that doesn’t hurt your savings. That is why most of the articles available here are on cutting back expenses. Apart from this, he also makes you understand how to make smart investments and money management.

Cash Cow Couple

Cash Cow Couple

This is not just a blog site but a story shared by a couple – Jacob and Vanessa who helps other couples utilize their income in a judicious manner. At Cash Cow Couple you get to learn more about financial planning as a married couple who have plans to expand their family in the future or have kids. Here it is more about becoming financially free and enjoys life without enhancing the debts but with ample savings.


You might be a single parent, a bachelor or a married couple. It doesn’t matter because savings is equally important for all. The only thing that differs in each case is the liability. This gives you an edge in making some risky investments.

Otherwise, the challenges that you face in saving money and managing your life in a frugal way is the same. That is why you are advised to become financially literate and remain updated about money management by following any of the aforementioned finance blogs.

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Beautiful Landing Pages

To some, the look of a landing page doesn’t matter while for others it is the most important thing. In reality, the beauty of the landing page matters or not is not the question. The material point is whether you can create high converting pages effortlessly that even pleases the eyes. If yes, then you are moving on the right track. If not, then check out the 5 best WordPress plugins that help you build landing pages in the easiest way possible.

create landing pages

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Beautiful Landing Pages

1. Optimize Press


You must have heard Optimize Press and why won’t you? It could be found on the list of top WordPress plugins on most of the sites. In fact, you can find many IT professionals who can claim its success and how it helped them in creating spectacular landing pages.

What makes it unique and what is its price?

Undoubtedly, Optimize Press is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and all thanks to its amazing features that include the capability to create multiple page templates. You can even opt for the Optimize Marketplace which will help you choose both extra free and paid templates. Apart from this, it has Theme, plugin version and advanced editor that offer granular customization.

The most impressive part is its 2-step opt-in functionality that comes with a membership plugin. You pay $97 for 1 year and in return, you get constant support & core updates.

Visit Optimize Press

2. Beaver Builder


Beaver Builder is not just a popular WordPress landing page plugin, but the first choice of many. The reason is very simple – its offer of more than dozens of ready-made templates. Also, not to forget the editing features of this WordPress plugin because fast drag and drop builder just do miracles if falls in the right hands. You can effortlessly point and click and can edit any element in a page. Isn’t this fun?

What makes it unique and what is its price?

Beaver Builder uniqueness lies in the fact that it allows your content to get ported efficiently to default WordPress editor in situations when you feel like stop using it. Interestingly, it also allows you to work with any WordPress theme and you can keep on switching themes. This won’t affect your landing pages.

This is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the most beginner-friendly WordPress landing page plugins available in the market.  The price is also quite competitive and is more than $97 with 1 year of support.

Visit Beaver Builder

3. Coming Soon Pro


Oh, it is not coming soon. It has come and embraced by the developers and designers long back. Even without a drag & drop editor, a visual editor of any sorts and an abundance of templates, it has been able to hold a grip on many professionals.

What makes it unique and what is its price?

Sometimes the uniqueness lies in the precision and that is what could be said about Coming Soon Pro. It handles one type of landing page but does it meticulously. This is a perfect option for those who are planning to roll out a fresh from the factory website and are willing to grab the interest of the target audience via email addresses, then create a coming soon page from this mindboggling WordPress plugin. It stops the rest pages of your website from being accessed, thereby able to catch the eye of users from the coming soon page.

Users who have logged in can have access to your site by default. As far as others are concerned you can send them a special URL that allows them to see the specific page. The price is also not nerve-wracking and starts from $29. You can also opt for a free version which offers only limited features.

Visit Coming Soon Pro

4. Thrive Architect


If you want to create conversion-focused pages then Thrive Architect is one of the best WordPress landing page plugins available to you.  With more than 260+ landing page templates, this plugin is easy to customize and within a few minutes, you will be ready to design tailor-made pages that fit in together making an eye-pleasing bouquet.

From Webinar pages to Conversion-focused homepages, you can build all with the help of Thrive Architect. Apart from this, you can also use this plugin to make effective Coming Soon Pages, Video sales pages, Confirmation pages, etc.

What makes it unique and what is its price?

At a time when email marketing has emerged as King in the marketing field there Thrive Architect offers you plenty of API integrations. One of the impressive features of this WordPress plugin is that it allows optimization for mobile devices as well. As far as editing is concerned it unveils to you drag & drop page builder which loads quickly apart from supporting external shortcodes. You can also enjoy the undo and redo functionality and Create full-width layouts in all theme options available with Thrive Architect paying just $67 for lifetime updates in addition to 1-year support. You may even look for their membership plan and purchase it to avail all of their plugins and themes.

Website Optimize Press

5. Leadpages


As of now, you have been able to know much about the popular WordPress plugins. Still, there is one option that you haven’t unfurled and which stands out from the crowd. This is none other than Leadpages.

No hyperbole, it is true that this is special and not just any WordPress plugin because, in reality, it is more than that.

What makes it unique and what is its price?

You will be astounded to learn that Leadpages is not just a WordPress landing page plugin but a landing page creation platform. This means it is not confined to the boundaries of WordPress websites. Its drag & drop editor has the capability to hosts your landing pages on its own servers, thereby handling the delivery of digital assets more efficiently.

Through Leadpages plugin, you have the opportunity to push any landing page directly to your WordPress website. In case of any other platform, you may even download an HTML page.

There is no limit of creating pages when you have Leadpages and you can use these pages on unlimited websites.  Furthermore, from a single dashboard, you can view all the pages. If this sounds amazing then you will be flabbergasted to learn that all this comes with a minimum $25/month (paid annually) plan. You can even opt for a standard plan that will cost you only $37/month.

For those who want to enjoy Split testing functionality, Leadlinks feature that will help users join your list with a single click or Leaddigits feature, that makes joining you on your list through text messages easier with a single click, then you need to opt for Pro & Advanced plans.

Website: Leadpages


The aforementioned WordPress landing pages plugins are quite cost-effective and are a great help in building effective pages that leads to conversion. Try any of the above and you will not regret. However, you are advised to analyze your priorities and needs before choosing any WordPress plugins.

9 Ultimate Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Without Ads

If you want to have a Midas touch in the virtual world, then you need to value smart work. The fruit of your labor blended with the intelligent mind will automatically flood you with money. The same thing is true for bloggers too.

Today, blogging is no more a side business. It has become nothing less than an online enterprise as here also you have to apply strategies and the return is big.

make money from ads

One of the most common ways of earning a whopping amount of money from your blogs is certainly Advertisements yet it is not the only way. There are many more other tricks for making money. You just need to keep the windows and doors of your eyes and minds open.

So, get familiarized with 9 best ways to turn the wheels of fortune as a blogger. Definitely, it will make you see blogging business from the new eyepiece.

9 Ultimate Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Without Showing up Ads

1. Affiliate Marketing – Sell and Earn Commission

The vantage point of the present only hints that keeping your blogs bereft of affiliate marketing is suicidal. Paradoxes abound in it, you need to embrace it and look for the ways to join an affiliate program.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Technically, this is a type of advertising in which you sell a product which is not yours and in return, you earn a commission. Any purchase or a lead helps in making your pocket heavier.

The most interesting part of affiliate marketing is that the commission rate is quite high here.

This means by selling a single product you earn the amount which is equivalent to selling a product five to ten times in any other advertising model, such as offering banner advertisements on your website.

Affiliate marketing is available in almost every niche. You just need to quickly Google affiliate products in your niche. An simple query on Google for affiliate programs on Camping would be like:

Camping “Affiliate Programs”

What do you need to do?

It is very simple. You just need to join an affiliate advertising program. On your marketing strategy ability start selling products and leave the rest on the profits of affiliate marketing.

2. Sponsored Content – Create Money-spinning Content

With no luxury of time, you need to ensure that whatever you do, it gives you maximum return. One of the things that you can do effortlessly is to write a blog.

The only thing that differs here is you writing not for the passion of writing but for the passion of money. Sometimes you need to do this if you want your business to expand and flourish.

What is sponsored content?

A content that is written or created on-demand of others who pay for it is known as sponsored content. A company or a brand might approach to write about their products or services. The posts is completely centered around their product.\

The only thing is that when you write about such product or a service, it must be marked as “Sponsored” and the links should be “nofollow”. This is as per the Google guidelines.

What do you need to do?

The first thing you need is to look for those who are in need of sponsored content and are willing to pay you good money.

Here also you get to earn big money. However, unlike affiliate marketing, the flow of money is not continuous for you but for the other party.

This means when you are finalizing the deal you need to ascertain that you get the right amount for the content. Do not sell your content for cheap in this way of money making from your blogs.

3. Online Courses – Straight Income in Your Pocket

Creativity needs a disciplined eye and an alert mind. You can be creative to make straight income and earn money easily with the help of online courses. This is where all the money comes directly to your pocket.

So, what are online courses and EBooks?

You create your own digital products that include digital courses or online courses and EBooks. These are created by you for those who want to attain skills and knowledge on a particular topic or trendy subject online.

Today, you will find Ebooks and courses in almost every niche. People who are passionate about their skills and hobbies launch these digital products and sell these courses online to generate great passive income.

What do you need to do?

You just need to look for a platform where you can sell your digital courses that include EBooks too.

Here on sale of each book or online course, you earn a certain amount which comes straight to you. The only thing you need to ensure is that your product offers proven strategies.

4. Email Marketing – Generate Money From Subscribers

Money makes way to you only you need to possess the magnetic power. Oh yes, believe it or not, earning money online from your blogs is a cup of tea if you know how to use your skills.

What is email marketing?

This is a way of sending promotional content to the target audience. The challenge here is not only writing good and attractive content but also reaching the intended customers.

What do you need to do?

You do not have to do here anything other than making a profit from your subscribers. You only need to start using lead generation tools, which could be paid or free. Once you have an email marketing service then reach out to the people.

The biggest challenge is to get emails of your readers. The simple reason is that nobody is going to give you their email for free. You need to use a lead magnet to get their email id.

A lead magnet can be in the form of “free printables”, “free online course”, “free ebook” or anything that you think it would be a of a great value for your readers.

Try to get near to the mark of 1000 subscribers and then convert them to almost $10 each. Now, you can see how much you will be able to make in a month.

5. Podcast – Connect With Audience and Improve Product Sales

A podcast has become quite popular even among celebrities and why won’t it be? It is something which helps you connect easily with your target audience. It not only enhances product sales but also helps you in getting sponsorships.

So, what is a podcast?

This is a series of episodes which can be downloaded online. It can be either a video file or an audio file. Here you get a chance to get in touch with your audience directly and influence them with your thoughts and visions.

What do you need to do?

You can effortlessly make money with the help of a podcast. You just need to connect with people and once you are connected then get sponsors from brands and companies. This way you can keep the audience engaged and make easy money.

So, when are you going to start your own podcast?

6. Guest Posts – Earn Money With Your Credibility

You have ways to earn money. It is just that sometimes you keep your eyes closed and do not see the newly opened doors.

What is guest posting?

Technically, this is a way of creating a blog and then posting it on a platform which is not owned by you. There are two types of guest postings – one in which you allow someone else to post a blog on your website and the other in which you post a blog on a website.

What do you need to do?

You can charge money from anyone who wants to post a blog on your website. However, this way of earning money is only possible if you are able to build your own credibility in the blogging world.

Today, people have been using guest posts just to get a free backlink from a website. What I have seen so far that bloggers have been exploiting this to get free link and traffic to your site.

7. Portfolio – Flaunt Your Talent and Money Will Make Way to You

You can try some new ways of attracting clients. You can sell your skills with the help of your blogging platform.

What do you need to do?

Here you just need to prepare a portfolio that showcases all your abilities and how you can help others in making money. You can put your portfolio link on your website under the author bio section.

When your intended client will click here, he or she is able to understand more about your abilities. This way you can get an opening for making some big bucks.

Take an example of “Photography. A photographer can build his online portfolio and display pictures that he or she have clicked on their own. It may help you to land a few clients who will pay you to work for them.

8. Exclusive Memberships – Charge Your Users

Another way of making money from your blogs is to encourage exclusive membership of your platform.

This way you charge your users and earn from the money they pay. This way is only possible if you have quality content to offer to the users and they know the worth of your work.

9. Product Launch – Appeal visitors to your products

You can also try launching a product and this will also help you earn good money in return. You just need to have an idea and the rest work will be done by a professional developer whom you can contact online.


Making money as a blogger is not a Herculean job. You just need to keep all your options open and try looking for new ways. All the aforementioned ways of making money from your blog are just the starting ones. You can explore many more. For now, just concentrate on these and see how things turn for you.

11 Proven and Easy Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks

The road to the first page of Google is not full of flowers but is instead a rocky one. At every step, you have to think twice whether it is prudent to take this way or it will be good to learn more about it before picking it.

The same is true for high-quality backlinks which are much in trend these days, and you can find many write-ups by industry SEO experts on the importance of high-quality backlinks, but choosing it because the whole world is doing it doesn’t make sense. You need to develop your own understanding of what quality backlinks are and then learn the simple ways to create it.

So, have a look at the following easy yet effective ways of creating the best quality backlinks that can improve your ranking on the search engine and can bring organic traffic on your website.

get backlinks for blog

What are High-quality Backlinks?

Any natural backlink that is associated with the right inbound website link and is not connected with spammy websites and the website must have better domain authority, is known as high-quality backlink. This type of links is instrumental in enhancing your ranking on a search engine in an organic way.

That said, it is important to highlight that building such supreme quality backlinks is not a cakewalk but can become more comfortable if you know the following 10 ways:

11 Easy Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks

1. Give importance to the quality of the content

This might sound boring to you, but in reality, this is one of the simplest yet the best ways to get premium backlinks. Content is not called king just like that. It does play a crucial role in improving your rankings overall.

The most intriguing thing about quality content is that it can attract links on its own without any extra effort on your end. You just need to determine that on all the pages of your website you have valuable and informative content so that other websites take your site as a brand worth linking.

2. Hold the string of guest posting

Guest posts have their own importance in the virtual world, and that is why many digital world giants use it to take advantage of it. One such benefit is high-quality backlinks as this way you can turn traffic to your website in an intelligent way.

So, this time when you get a chance of guest posting, then do not turn it down and build a relationship with other bloggers to create great backlinks.

3. Build your personal brand

When you become a brand, then there will be no dearth of quality backlinks, and you will always remain ahead in the game. That is why you are advised to create your own brand, and this could be done by trying to be unique with some original research.

An original study will always pay you back and in the quantum fold as data which is not available on any other platform online and is real then it becomes a valuable resource, which everyone would love to link as a reference source.

4. Opt for Interviews

Interviewed by others is another impressive way to get amazing backlinks that can create your personal brand and will turn more traffic to your website. It just works like word of mouth and can help you build links that make your website gain popularity. An intelligent way of getting interviewed is to contact the other bloggers, and this will in a way create your brand image.

5. Build links with the comments on your blogs

There are some of you who do not understand the importance of blog commenting links as it doesn’t create do follow links, thereby not letting you enjoy the link juice. However, you fail to understand that by building links with the comments on your blogs you maintain a balance between nofollow and dofollow links.

All those bloggers who create only one type of link are not able to attain the SEO benefits. While blog commenting helps you with better indexing, and enhance your visibility, in such ways that the chances of improved search rankings become higher.

6. Make use of reviews of products for backlinking

Everything has some worth in the online world but very few bloggers understand this, and that is why only those handful of blog writers are able to create efficient backlinks. You will be amused to know that product reviews by bloggers are a great way to achieve quality backlinks.

You can contact to email marketing product types or even web hosting related products. You provide them customer reviews in exchange of links and this will help you gain natural backlinks that can generate traffic to your website.

7. Do not ignore Quora

Have you ever given a thought why so many people spend time in answering questions on Quora? If not, then it is time you start taking this seriously as Quora can make people land on your homepage.

You just need to sign-up for Quora and then look for topics that you are interested in. You can then link your articles on Quora and not only help people on Quora to get answers but also build backlinks for our posts too.

8. Use testimonials to create backlinks

As of now, you must have never imagined using testimonials to build backlinks, but now you can do it. You just need to make the list of the products you are using, such as WordPress plugins, other SEO related tools, and many other things. Once you are done with this, then write a testimonial, and this lets you gain backlinks as most of the product owners use original testimonials to link their articles or blogs.

9. Contact with broken link owners

You can find many blog owners who have broken links, and you can ask them to replace the broken links with your website links. This way you will be able to apply broken link building strategy to enhance your backlinks which can generate more traffic on your site.

10. Make use of Infographics

These days Infographics are no more a static thing on your website but a dynamic thing which can be used for creating quality backlinks.

You only need to build an embedded code at the end of the Infographics design placed on your web page, and this led others to offer you backlinks as infographics are shared a lot on social networking websites and other online portals.

For this, you need to hire people who have expertise in creating brilliants graphic designs that have information and is eye-catching.

11. Use Video Marketing for building backlinks

Lastly, you are advised to use video marketing for gaining high-quality backlinks because next to Google YouTube is the biggest search engine. You can create backlinks with video marketing, but before that you need to have your own YouTube channel and then post videos that bring traffic from Google and then add links to those video posts only to turn traffic from YouTube to your blogs, thereby building effective backlinks.


All the aforementioned point if taken care of can help in building backlinks for your website, which will help you boost the traffic on your site. Therefore, try all of these ways, and you will see the result in a short period.

Bonus Tip: You must ensure that in pursuit of improving your ranking you do not opt for low-quality backlinks as these can adversely affect the traffic on your website and can even land you in troubles.

10 Most Profitable Niches To Start a Blog in 2020

Blogging initially was a way to express your thoughts, describe your research, and share your knowledge with the world. It was like a hobby. But the trend has changed a lot since a decade and it’s not just a hobby anymore. It’s seen as a full-time and lucrative career option these days. Lots of bloggers are making good money and some are even making huge income from some profitable niches.

Given its huge potentiality, blogging has become a magnet that attracts people of any age, education, background, and skills. However, most of the beginners or aspiring bloggers have one common question, i.e. Which niche should I choose to start a blog?

most profitable niches

If you are one of them and looking for an answer, this article will be a big help for you, as we have discussed 10 most profitable niches here. Read on.

10 Most Profitable Niches To Start a Blog

1. Health and Fitness

Being one of the evergreen subjects, health has been one of the most profitable niches from the beginning of the blogging era. If you are interested in and can provide valuable information for the readers, you can start blogging in this niche.

Ways to earn from writing in this niche include affiliate and direct marketing, sponsored posts, ads from Google and other ad networks. You can promote products listed on online marketplaces like Amazon as an associate. Helping health service providers get subscriptions can also earn you good commissions in return.

2. Eldercare

Caring elders is a concern for many and guiding them with tips and product/service suggestions can get a lot of appreciation. If you love to write about the ways and tips for elder care, this is the best niche for you.

Hospitals and healthcare companies always look for ways to reach and educate people about their products and services. So, your blog can be the best place for their promotions and a good source of income for you.

3. Parenting

Raising a child is really a challenge and your blog posts can be of big help for many parents. If you have experience in raising kids and like to share it with others, this can be one of the most profitable niches for blogging.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to make money with your blog. Create some outstanding posts and use them to promote child care products. You may also reach out to the companies offering them a mention in your post or ad placement on your blog. You can charge a fixed amount for a link in your blog post and a recurring charge for the ad space.

4. Pet Care

This is the same as parenting and elder care and people are keen to know better ways to take care of their pets. If you have a pet or know about pet care, you are better at selecting this niche for your blog. Pet care companies spend a lot on promoting their products on different channels and your blog can be the one.

If you are good at writing and can generate considerable traffic, you can charge a decent amount for each mention or ad space. Needless to say that you can always use affiliate marketing and earn a good commission for each product sold via your blog post.

5. Technology

If you have had a technical education and an interest in observing the latest technological developments, you don’t have to look far for the profitable niches for blogging. You may even choose one of the sub-niches like Android apps, artificial intelligence, electronics, computers, and many others.

Create a blog and start writing informative articles, reviews, and comparisons. It’s an evergreen field and you have always something to write about. Use affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, software promotions, and ad space to earn. If you can write unique content and provide solutions to people’s problems, you are sure to make high profits from this niche.

6. Personal Finance

Finance is the prime concern for common people in the era of an expensive lifestyles and extreme uncertainties. So there is a vast need for guidance on efficient personal finance management, saving money, and how to spend wisely. These factors make it one of the highly profitable niches for blogging.

Finance companies provide a range of products and services and your blog can be a channel for them to get the attention of potential customers. You can become an affiliate of such companies and sell their services and products. You may also offer them sponsored posts and ad space.

7. Online/offline Income and Business Ideas

You are reading this article because you want to start a blog or looking for a way to earn an online income, isn’t it? The same is true for millions of people. So, if you can help them with unique ideas for the same, you should go for this niche.

Needless to say that you have to spend the time to research and come up with unique and practical ideas for different segments of readers. And depending on the segments, you can promote related products or services or write sponsored sections for companies and can earn a good income.

8. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term that includes internet, mobile, and any other electronic display advertising. The demand for digital marketing is never going to end. So if you have expertise in online advertising, SEO and content marketing, this is the perfect niche to start blogging.

You can appeal almost any business with your writings and earn good profit in many ways including affiliate marketing, direct approach to companies, and providing ad space.

9. Beauty and Fashion

This category comes among the top profitable niches for blogging. If you have knowledge about beauty products, skincare, and fashion trends, and fashion accessories, you are good to go ahead. Your major audience will be women, but you can address men as well.

If you can provide useful tips and lead your users to the right products, your blog will generate high traffic and a stable income.

10. Travel and Adventure

This one is really an amazing niche as it allows you to fulfill your dreams of exploring new places and cultures, and at the same time works as a source of income. If you love to travel and adventures, this is the best niche for you to start a blog.

Your source of income from this niche can be hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and companies manufacturing and selling travel products, guides, and adventure kits. They will be happy to pay you if you can attract a large audience by writing articles and reviews about your experience at beautiful travel destinations, adventurous places, hotel and tool operator’s services, and a lot more.

Wrap up

There are many other niches and you should go with the one you are most knowledgeable and experienced. Regardless of your niche, you can always have ads from Google AdSense and other ad networks displayed on your blog. Affiliate marketing is another popular way of income and can be used with any niche.

The most important things here are the quality, uniqueness, and usefulness of your content. You should also have basic knowledge of SEO. If you can identify your suitable niche and if you are determined and patient, your chances of success will be high.

Happy Blogging!!

11 Actionable Tips To Grow a Blog From Scratch With a Full-time Job

Generating an additional income while having a full-time job works as an aid to your financial needs. It gives you a little more freedom as you can improve your lifestyle with those extra bucks in your pocket. Given these benefits, many of us think about growing a blog along with a full-time job.

On the other hand, there are many aspiring and beginner bloggers who are having hard times managing both a job and a quality blog simultaneously. It’s quite normal if you are one of them. Giving all your physical and mental energy to your 9-5 job leaves you totally exhausted and you don’t feel like working on your blog.

grow a blog with full time job

If you are not having a family to take care of yet, you would probably be having some time for yourself. But if you have a family, they will expect you to spend some time with them daily. In any case, you would need proper strategy and guidance in order to create and run a successful blog with a full-time job. Here we have discussed 11 actionable tips to grow a blog with a full time job. Read on.

11 Actionable Tips to Grow a Blog with a Full-time Job

1. Work on your blog in the early morning

The main reason why most people can’t get their dreams to come true is they feel exhausted most of the time due to their duties at the job and managing family responsibilities. So they can’t keep their enthusiasm high and eventually give up their dream.

The best way to overcome this situation is to find a time when you are calm and energetic. Early morning hours, between 5 to 7 AM can be your most productive time when you can focus on writing effective blog posts. This is also the time when you don’t have to take care of any other responsibility.

Importantly, you have to understand one thing that you have to sacrifice some of your time slots to assign time for your blog. It may be TV or mobile game or the time you spend on social networks and chat apps.

2. Choose niche wisely

Bloggers fail when they attempt to do what others have done successfully without observing what made them successful. If you want to grow your blog, you have to write something unique and it’s best possible when you have substantial knowledge in that particular niche.

Possibilities are high that you end up selecting a niche, in which you don’t have enough knowledge, just because it’s highly profitable, and eventually fail. If you work hard and acquire enough knowledge, you may get success. But then you will need more time which would not be a favorable thing when you are having a full-time job.

So choose a niche in which you have knowledge and experience.

3. Write less, but write for your readers

Ideally, readers read when they are looking for an answer to their queries or want to know something that can support what they already know with something more valuable. On that note, you should write by keeping your readers in mind.

Though writing in a conversational tone, telling your story in an interesting and engaging way, there should be something that effectively addresses the reader’s problem. If you can do this, you will no longer have to worry if people will read your blog or not. Also, write in a way that can be read, understood and digested easily as no reader would like to read confusing or hard to believe content.

4. Take care of the structure

This is the core issue with beginners. They often miss this and end up writing long, complex and boring sentences and paragraphs. Imagine yourself reading a paragraph that has complex words and long sentences. What if you forget what a paragraph is trying to coney by the time you reach the end of it? You would obviously get bored and irritated and would leave that page soon.

If you don’t want this to happen with your blog, take care of structure. Write in short sentences, short paragraphs and give proper headings to each section. It will keep the reader interested and the headings will give an idea of what is covered in that section.

5. Don’t miss SEO

This is very important. Many bloggers ignore SEO. For a successful and well-ranked blog, you have to take care of SEO from the beginning. Learn about basic SEO (on-page and off-page) and apply it to your blog and your promotion efforts.

6. Prioritize tasks

When you start a blog, you may be tempted to promote it without having enough valuable content. And that’s where most of the beginner bloggers make mistakes. Most importantly, you have to make a sequence of processes, i.e. creating a well-structured blog, having a nice design and then creating unique blog posts.

Next comes promotion. When you promote, you should have something concrete to offer your readers. So prioritize your tasks and focus on them to get them done one by one without disturbing your full-time job.

7. Ask for the support

When you have a family to take care of, you have to get time for them as well. In this case, it’s crucial that you talk to them, especially with your wife and agree on a time out for your blog. Being totally occupied all the time can’t help. You need support from within your family.

So when you have your wife involved asking her to support you mentally, things will be much easier. You would be surprised to see when she keeps things inline for you so that you can focus on your work.

8. Create all inclusive posts

Yes, and try to make them look like listicle or how-to style. Readers like to read posts that solve their problems completely. And when it’s in how-to or in listicle style, they will love to read it. Even if they don’t have much time to read every word, they will go through all the points once and will return later for in-depth read.

9. Exchange guest posts

One of the great ways to get quality content and more visitors is to exchange guest posts with other blogs. Ask other bloggers in a similar niche to guest post on your blog and offer the same to them as well. This way you will improve your site’s authority and get visitors from other blogs. It’s also a good way to provide valuable content to your readers without stretching your time when you are having a full-time job.

10. Use other blog types as well

Though listicles and How-to’s are very successful blog types, you should also consider other types like ego bait, expert roundups, and infographics. Write in a tone that looks like you are talking to your reader directly and in a positive way. This is called ego bait. When you ask experts to answer a question and cover in your article, it’s called expert roundups. Another type is infographics and it’s among the most popular types of blog posts. Using one or all of these types will grow your blog audience.

11. Promote your blog

This is the most important step after you have a nice blog and enough content. Most important thing is to use all possible ways to promote your blog. Some beginners often fail at this stage and they end up waiting for the people to come to their blog while others start promoting before they have enough quality content. Both of these scenarios have a negative impact on success.

Growing a blog along with a full-time job takes a well-planned promotion. You can’t keep spending time on writing blogs that don’t go out to people and don’t get considerable traffic.


Blogging has been among the most popular ways to use your knowledge to earn extra income. That means, you also have to take care of your job unless you grow to a level where you don’t need a job anymore. On that note, growing a blog with a full-time job takes several considerations like time management, support from family, basic knowledge of SEO and marketing, and promotions as discussed in the tips above, and we hope they will be helpful to you.

Best of luck!