What is the Difference Between a Domain Name (URL) and Blog Title?

Before you start on your blogging journey with a new blog, you would probably want a domain name and a blog title that helps your readers and Google to identify what your blog is all about.  It is therefore advisable to name your blog before you set it out on the internet.

Most of the newbie bloggers get confused between relatively different terms: the domain name and blog name.

So, lets quickly look below and see what they both are all about.

Domain Name

A domain name is the domain of your blog. For e.g. the domain of this blog is growthever.com.

A domain is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the blog.

Whenever domain name is in picture, just have a look at the address bar in the browser and see the domain name. Usually it is s like : https:/www.growthever.com

The domain name of this blog is growthever.com

Just like you have an address of a particular home, a domain name serves as an address of a blog. It is just similar to like that. This allows anyone on the internet to visit your blog just by writing your domain name on the browser.

Before you start blogging on a particular niche, you need to buy hosting and a domain name for your blog. While you can buy both of them from the same company and in such a case you might also get a bit of a discount, you can also buy both as separate items from different companies too.

A hosting company usually allows you to purchase a domain name from it or you can just skip it or buy just hosting only,.

A domain is what you buy for your blog from a hosting company like GoDaddy or NameCheap.

A domain represents the identity of your blog. It is what people see in the Google search results when your blog ranks for a particular keyword.

See screenshot below:

Unlike a blog title, that you can change for n number of times, a domain name is not easy to change. Even if you go ahead and change the domain name, it is highly likely that you will lose your search engine rankings and your traffic too. Yes, few people do that in situations where they feel they need to rebrand their blog and then they usually 301 redirect all the traffic to the new blog.

But for most of the bloggers prefer not to change the domain and keep on blogging on the same domain name.

A decent domain name should be between 8-15 chars at most. Try avoiding using hyphens or numbers in the domain names. For e.g.: If you have a blog in a gardening niche try to have the main keyword (“garden”) in the domain itself or like if you are in home improvement, the main keyword like “home” or “house” in the domain name would be simply great.

Though it is not recommended at all but somehow when your domain appears in the SERP, the reader would be able to see that this blog is all about gardening and this could help him to answer his needs.

So, whenever you buy a domain name just make sure not to make the mistakes like most people do. A good brandable domain would also help you to sell your blog at a premium price.

Blog Title

A blog title is a small title that tells a user about your blog. It can be anything that you want. For instance, if your name is John and you are in Tech niche, a simple blog title could be like “John’s Tech Stuff”

You can change blog title anytime you want.  If you ever decide to change the title, you are just one option away from that. Here is the option in WordPress to set the blog title:

  1. Go to Settings -> General
  2. Enter the desired title in “Site Title” field
  3. Save changes
Site Title is your Blog Title

No matter which theme you are on, the blog title can be changed from this location only. And your theme will pick the title from here.

FAQ’s on Domain Name and Blog Title

Should you buy a domain and hosting from the same company?

Well, not necessary. Usually, when you buy hosting for your new blog you go to the hosting company site and they give you an option to buy a domain name too. You can either choose to buy it from there or just skip it and buy hosting only.
You can buy domain from other companies like Namecheap or Godaddy.

Can you have the free domain for your blog?

Blogging is the least expensive business to start. Buying a domain name is usually cheaper from Namecheap or Godaddy. They usually charge $8-10 for a single .com domain name. I believe you can incur this small amount of money for the blog if you want to go high in the blogging world.

I still say that blogging is an inexpensive business to start against the brick and mortar business that requires huge investment on the table.

So just spend some money and buy a good domain for your blog and move ahead in the blogging world.

Should I change my domain name just because I don’t like it?

I won’t recommend it unless you have some serious issues with your domain name aka URL like some negative backlinking (linking to casino, gambling or adult sites).

If you don’t have an issue like this, you should probably stay away from changing the domain name else that would result in loss of rankings and traffic.

How many times can I update my blog title?

You can change blog title as many times as you want. But from a blogging perspective, you should set it once and not change on a regular basis.

Would it affect my website SEO if I change the domain name?

Yes, absolutely. Your blog might suffer from the big ranking drop and traffic once you change the domain. Even if you 301 redirect the old to a new domain, it will lose some of the traffic. You need to start building links again to the new blog as old external links will be pointing to the old blog.


Both domain name and blog title serve entirely different purposes. Both are used to identify a blog. While blog title can be changed, again, and again, it is not recommended to change the domain once you buy it unless you have some serious issues with the domain like negative backlinking.

It is recommended to come up with a unique domain name and blog title for your blog in this already crowded blogosphere. Just like every technology site has a tech word in this domain, if you are planning to build a blog on tech niche, avoid using a tech keyword in the domain. So that your blog could be a little unique.

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