11 Actionable Tips To Grow a Blog From Scratch With a Full-time Job

Generating an additional income while having a full-time job works as an aid to your financial needs. It gives you a little more freedom as you can improve your lifestyle with those extra bucks in your pocket. Given these benefits, many of us think about growing a blog along with a full-time job.

On the other hand, there are many aspiring and beginner bloggers who are having hard times managing both a job and a quality blog simultaneously. It’s quite normal if you are one of them. Giving all your physical and mental energy to your 9-5 job leaves you totally exhausted and you don’t feel like working on your blog.

grow a blog with full time job

If you are not having a family to take care of yet, you would probably be having some time for yourself. But if you have a family, they will expect you to spend some time with them daily. In any case, you would need proper strategy and guidance in order to create and run a successful blog with a full-time job. Here we have discussed 11 actionable tips to grow a blog with a full time job. Read on.

11 Actionable Tips to Grow a Blog with a Full-time Job

1. Work on your blog in the early morning

The main reason why most people can’t get their dreams to come true is they feel exhausted most of the time due to their duties at the job and managing family responsibilities. So they can’t keep their enthusiasm high and eventually give up their dream.

The best way to overcome this situation is to find a time when you are calm and energetic. Early morning hours, between 5 to 7 AM can be your most productive time when you can focus on writing effective blog posts. This is also the time when you don’t have to take care of any other responsibility.

Importantly, you have to understand one thing that you have to sacrifice some of your time slots to assign time for your blog. It may be TV or mobile game or the time you spend on social networks and chat apps.

2. Choose niche wisely

Bloggers fail when they attempt to do what others have done successfully without observing what made them successful. If you want to grow your blog, you have to write something unique and it’s best possible when you have substantial knowledge in that particular niche.

Possibilities are high that you end up selecting a niche, in which you don’t have enough knowledge, just because it’s highly profitable, and eventually fail. If you work hard and acquire enough knowledge, you may get success. But then you will need more time which would not be a favorable thing when you are having a full-time job.

So choose a niche in which you have knowledge and experience.

3. Write less, but write for your readers

Ideally, readers read when they are looking for an answer to their queries or want to know something that can support what they already know with something more valuable. On that note, you should write by keeping your readers in mind.

Though writing in a conversational tone, telling your story in an interesting and engaging way, there should be something that effectively addresses the reader’s problem. If you can do this, you will no longer have to worry if people will read your blog or not. Also, write in a way that can be read, understood and digested easily as no reader would like to read confusing or hard to believe content.

4. Take care of the structure

This is the core issue with beginners. They often miss this and end up writing long, complex and boring sentences and paragraphs. Imagine yourself reading a paragraph that has complex words and long sentences. What if you forget what a paragraph is trying to coney by the time you reach the end of it? You would obviously get bored and irritated and would leave that page soon.

If you don’t want this to happen with your blog, take care of structure. Write in short sentences, short paragraphs and give proper headings to each section. It will keep the reader interested and the headings will give an idea of what is covered in that section.

5. Don’t miss SEO

This is very important. Many bloggers ignore SEO. For a successful and well-ranked blog, you have to take care of SEO from the beginning. Learn about basic SEO (on-page and off-page) and apply it to your blog and your promotion efforts.

6. Prioritize tasks

When you start a blog, you may be tempted to promote it without having enough valuable content. And that’s where most of the beginner bloggers make mistakes. Most importantly, you have to make a sequence of processes, i.e. creating a well-structured blog, having a nice design and then creating unique blog posts.

Next comes promotion. When you promote, you should have something concrete to offer your readers. So prioritize your tasks and focus on them to get them done one by one without disturbing your full-time job.

7. Ask for the support

When you have a family to take care of, you have to get time for them as well. In this case, it’s crucial that you talk to them, especially with your wife and agree on a time out for your blog. Being totally occupied all the time can’t help. You need support from within your family.

So when you have your wife involved asking her to support you mentally, things will be much easier. You would be surprised to see when she keeps things inline for you so that you can focus on your work.

8. Create all inclusive posts

Yes, and try to make them look like listicle or how-to style. Readers like to read posts that solve their problems completely. And when it’s in how-to or in listicle style, they will love to read it. Even if they don’t have much time to read every word, they will go through all the points once and will return later for in-depth read.

9. Exchange guest posts

One of the great ways to get quality content and more visitors is to exchange guest posts with other blogs. Ask other bloggers in a similar niche to guest post on your blog and offer the same to them as well. This way you will improve your site’s authority and get visitors from other blogs. It’s also a good way to provide valuable content to your readers without stretching your time when you are having a full-time job.

10. Use other blog types as well

Though listicles and How-to’s are very successful blog types, you should also consider other types like ego bait, expert roundups, and infographics. Write in a tone that looks like you are talking to your reader directly and in a positive way. This is called ego bait. When you ask experts to answer a question and cover in your article, it’s called expert roundups. Another type is infographics and it’s among the most popular types of blog posts. Using one or all of these types will grow your blog audience.

11. Promote your blog

This is the most important step after you have a nice blog and enough content. Most important thing is to use all possible ways to promote your blog. Some beginners often fail at this stage and they end up waiting for the people to come to their blog while others start promoting before they have enough quality content. Both of these scenarios have a negative impact on success.

Growing a blog along with a full-time job takes a well-planned promotion. You can’t keep spending time on writing blogs that don’t go out to people and don’t get considerable traffic.


Blogging has been among the most popular ways to use your knowledge to earn extra income. That means, you also have to take care of your job unless you grow to a level where you don’t need a job anymore. On that note, growing a blog with a full-time job takes several considerations like time management, support from family, basic knowledge of SEO and marketing, and promotions as discussed in the tips above, and we hope they will be helpful to you.

Best of luck!

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