11 Proven and Easy Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks

The road to the first page of Google is not full of flowers but is instead a rocky one. At every step, you have to think twice whether it is prudent to take this way or it will be good to learn more about it before picking it.

The same is true for high-quality backlinks which are much in trend these days, and you can find many write-ups by industry SEO experts on the importance of high-quality backlinks, but choosing it because the whole world is doing it doesn’t make sense. You need to develop your own understanding of what quality backlinks are and then learn the simple ways to create it.

So, have a look at the following easy yet effective ways of creating the best quality backlinks that can improve your ranking on the search engine and can bring organic traffic on your website.

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What are High-quality Backlinks?

Any natural backlink that is associated with the right inbound website link and is not connected with spammy websites and the website must have better domain authority, is known as high-quality backlink. This type of links is instrumental in enhancing your ranking on a search engine in an organic way.

That said, it is important to highlight that building such supreme quality backlinks is not a cakewalk but can become more comfortable if you know the following 10 ways:

11 Easy Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks

1. Give importance to the quality of the content

This might sound boring to you, but in reality, this is one of the simplest yet the best ways to get premium backlinks. Content is not called king just like that. It does play a crucial role in improving your rankings overall.

The most intriguing thing about quality content is that it can attract links on its own without any extra effort on your end. You just need to determine that on all the pages of your website you have valuable and informative content so that other websites take your site as a brand worth linking.

2. Hold the string of guest posting

Guest posts have their own importance in the virtual world, and that is why many digital world giants use it to take advantage of it. One such benefit is high-quality backlinks as this way you can turn traffic to your website in an intelligent way.

So, this time when you get a chance of guest posting, then do not turn it down and build a relationship with other bloggers to create great backlinks.

3. Build your personal brand

When you become a brand, then there will be no dearth of quality backlinks, and you will always remain ahead in the game. That is why you are advised to create your own brand, and this could be done by trying to be unique with some original research.

An original study will always pay you back and in the quantum fold as data which is not available on any other platform online and is real then it becomes a valuable resource, which everyone would love to link as a reference source.

4. Opt for Interviews

Interviewed by others is another impressive way to get amazing backlinks that can create your personal brand and will turn more traffic to your website. It just works like word of mouth and can help you build links that make your website gain popularity. An intelligent way of getting interviewed is to contact the other bloggers, and this will in a way create your brand image.

5. Build links with the comments on your blogs

There are some of you who do not understand the importance of blog commenting links as it doesn’t create do follow links, thereby not letting you enjoy the link juice. However, you fail to understand that by building links with the comments on your blogs you maintain a balance between nofollow and dofollow links.

All those bloggers who create only one type of link are not able to attain the SEO benefits. While blog commenting helps you with better indexing, and enhance your visibility, in such ways that the chances of improved search rankings become higher.

6. Make use of reviews of products for backlinking

Everything has some worth in the online world but very few bloggers understand this, and that is why only those handful of blog writers are able to create efficient backlinks. You will be amused to know that product reviews by bloggers are a great way to achieve quality backlinks.

You can contact to email marketing product types or even web hosting related products. You provide them customer reviews in exchange of links and this will help you gain natural backlinks that can generate traffic to your website.

7. Do not ignore Quora

Have you ever given a thought why so many people spend time in answering questions on Quora? If not, then it is time you start taking this seriously as Quora can make people land on your homepage.

You just need to sign-up for Quora and then look for topics that you are interested in. You can then link your articles on Quora and not only help people on Quora to get answers but also build backlinks for our posts too.

8. Use testimonials to create backlinks

As of now, you must have never imagined using testimonials to build backlinks, but now you can do it. You just need to make the list of the products you are using, such as WordPress plugins, other SEO related tools, and many other things. Once you are done with this, then write a testimonial, and this lets you gain backlinks as most of the product owners use original testimonials to link their articles or blogs.

9. Contact with broken link owners

You can find many blog owners who have broken links, and you can ask them to replace the broken links with your website links. This way you will be able to apply broken link building strategy to enhance your backlinks which can generate more traffic on your site.

10. Make use of Infographics

These days Infographics are no more a static thing on your website but a dynamic thing which can be used for creating quality backlinks.

You only need to build an embedded code at the end of the Infographics design placed on your web page, and this led others to offer you backlinks as infographics are shared a lot on social networking websites and other online portals.

For this, you need to hire people who have expertise in creating brilliants graphic designs that have information and is eye-catching.

11. Use Video Marketing for building backlinks

Lastly, you are advised to use video marketing for gaining high-quality backlinks because next to Google YouTube is the biggest search engine. You can create backlinks with video marketing, but before that you need to have your own YouTube channel and then post videos that bring traffic from Google and then add links to those video posts only to turn traffic from YouTube to your blogs, thereby building effective backlinks.


All the aforementioned point if taken care of can help in building backlinks for your website, which will help you boost the traffic on your site. Therefore, try all of these ways, and you will see the result in a short period.

Bonus Tip: You must ensure that in pursuit of improving your ranking you do not opt for low-quality backlinks as these can adversely affect the traffic on your website and can even land you in troubles.

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