5 Insane Ways to Earn Money Passively With a Blog Optin

First, let me admit it. I love blogging. There are various ways to earn passively from a blog. And most of them fall under 5 categories. Let’s find them out.

Make money with a blog passivelyMake money with a blog passively

Yes, I love it to the core of my heart. I can give a presentation on blogging even if someone wakes me up at 2 in the morning without any ready-made material.

The reason it excites me is four-fold: freedom and flexibility, earn more than the day job, travel anywhere anytime and be your own boss. It offers other benefits too but these are my favorites.

I started blogging in 2009 when it was relatively new and anything you touch would turn Gold. Unfortunately, there were not good mentors at that time who could guide me to take the right path. I followed wrong directions one after another until I found the right path.

I have earned over $100K a year from my one single blog that gets an insane amount of traffic. Not trying to boast anything here but it feels so awesome today that in last 5-6 years my life has changed so much. Thanks to blogging, it has made my life from Oohh to aah hah 🙂 .

Making money with blogging is not an easy task. It takes sweat and blood to earn your first dollar online. But, as someone has said, nothing comes easy in this world. You have to strive hard to pursue your passion and achieve your goals.

5 Insane Ways to Earn Money Passively With a Blog Optin

Here in this article, I would be taking about 5 insane ways to make money with blog optin:

1. Advertisements

Most beginners like me start with Ads. You don’t have to worry about sales or making lead pages to get your customers. All you need to make quality content and drive quality traffic to your site primarily from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. The reason why I have mentioned these countries is that CPC from these countries is generally high. This means if an ad appears on your website page and let’s say a person from the US clicks on that ad, it might give you $2-$3. And if the same ad is clicked by a person staying in the Philippines or India might give you just a few cents.

So, in a nutshell, CPC also depends on the country from which you get a click.

Earning your first dollar online comes easily from Ads. No sales pitch, no product creation, no service offering. Just need some traffic on your blog and placing few ads here and there and you will see a few dollars rolling in your account.

With ads, all you need is running a blog with some traffic. Sign up for an account with Google Adense or Media.net. Place few ads 4-5 here and there, test different combinations and there you go.

Ads, however, lie in a low-income group. It means there is a limit to what you can earn from ads. RPM from ads is generally low. Unless you are in a niche that pays really well, making 5-figure income from ads becomes a daunting task.

I have seen blogs with around 700K-800K page views per month earning well close to $20K per month and there are blogs receiving around 2M page views per month earning mere $7-8K per month.

So, in a nutshell, CPC comes to play in the picture. Not every niche commands the same RPM. Niche like money, law, insurance, home improvement, real estate command high CPC’s.

2. Affiliates

Affiliates are the topmost choice for every blogger. People are making an insane amount of money from affiliates. There is absolutely no limit in the case of affiliates.

All you need is to build a blog around a niche where you can recommend products to users. For e.g: you can create a blog and target Skateboard as your primary keyword in the sports niche. You can then create some quality posts around it and put Amazon affiliate links within the post.

Now, get quality traffic on your blog. Once you have it, start recommending products or services to your readers that you use or you believe they will like it. Once your reader purchases the product or service through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission on the product or service. For e.g: if you are an Amazon affiliate and if someone purchases Skateboard from Amazon using your link, Amazon will give you a certain percentage of that product as commission to you.

To become an affiliate for a product or service, all you need to sign up with the company. They will review your application and depending upon your application, you request may be accepted or rejected.

You can find thousands of affiliates on Shareasale or CJ. These sites have thousands of o companies that list their products. You can search on it and see what products you think your reader will love to use.

They provide in the built tracking system to track affiliates commission.

Again, as I said earlier nothing is easy. Building an affiliate site does not require millions of visitors per month. You just need quality visitors who is ready to buy a product or service that you recommend.

Alex and Lauren from Create and Go are an example. Rosemarie from The busy budgeter is another one. Pat from SPI is my all-time favorite and who can forget Michelle from Making sense of cents.

3. Eproducts

Eproducts like books and online courses are selling like hot cake these days. People are looking for solutions to their problems. Ebooks, online courses can help people find a solution to their problem.

If you have any skill (parenting, cooking, graphic designing, social media management), you can create an Ebook and sell it on your blog. Creating an Ebook is still far easy than creating an online course. Obviously, online courses has more demand and command a high price.

If you think you are an Excel champ just like this, or you an expert level guitarist or you know how to use Facebook Ads, or how to make various dishes, you can create a course and sell it on your blog. Most of them use Teachable to create courses. Before you create a course, make sure you understand your audience and their problems.

Do not create a course that nobody is interested in buying. You will end up in spending money, time and energy on a waste product. Creating an online course requires planning. You should have an expert level of knowledge on the topic and should be able to provide a solution to your reader’s problem.

For e.g.: You can find a course from Michelle on make money online for $197. Just do a simple Maths here. Even if she is getting a bare minimum of 100 customers a month, she will be earning close to $20K per month which is not a bad deal at all.

Creating courses require just one time investment. Nothing cheap or bullshit will work here. You need to be up to point and offer a solution that can help your readers.

4. Selling Services

A service could be anything. It could be writing services or becoming a virtual consultant for someone or giving voice lessons or becoming a proofreader for someone. Here are a few of the services that you could offer. Again, depending on your skills, it could be different.

VA’s are in huge demand these days, People need time and energy to focus on other things in life. They need someone who can take over tasks and complete them in stipulated time. For e.g.: you could become VA for someone to create images on Canva or Picmonkey if you have little graphic designing skills.

If you are a native English writer, you could start writing articles or become a proofreader. You could offer guitar lessons if you think you know how to play it.

You could offer 1-1 coaching classes or sessions to someone. Classes in the form of yoga instructor, health instructor, cooking instructor, personal diet mentor, online consulting and many others. When you do 1-1, you could charge a high price because of the nature of the job. Online coaching or consultation however require a good amount of time as you need to sit with the other person virtually or physically and offer them solutions to their problems.

5. Sponsorships

Companies love bloggers to write about their products or services. Once you apply for a sponsored post, you can get paid for writing a product or service.

The range of sponsored posts goes from a few 100 bucks to thousand. Taking the same example of Michelle, she earns close to $21K per month just from sponsorships on her blog.

Just imagine it. No sales pitch. No product creation. Just creating a 1000-1500 word post and getting $$$ for it.

The downside is that sponsorships doesn’t come easy. You need to have a great running blog with a large number of audience and a great following. All these criteria come to play into the picture when applying for a sponsored post. For beginners, getting sponsored posts is a bit difficult but once you start gaining some authority, you can charge anywhere from $100 -150 for it.

Broadly, these are the 5 main ways to earn money. There could be other too but they all fall either under Products or under Services. Just focus on any 2 of them if you are just starting out.

You may end up as a failure. But don’t worry. It’s a first baby step towards success. You have just taken one-step forward, now don’t look back, and just keep moving forward.

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