Why I Still Love Making Niche Sites That Make Money From Ads

Who doesn’t like passive income? I do. In fact, I love passive income. Setting something up and then running it on autopilot mode to generate $$$ on a consistent basis is just so freaking awesome.

Love making niche sites

Let me admit it. I just love making niche sites.

They are so easy to make and generates passive income unless you get it and traffic fluctuates.

Just select a niche with long-tail keywords that have low competition. Write post yourself or hire a freelance writer to write content for you. Keep doing link building as you progress. Use Google Adsense or Media.net or Ezoic or Mediavine to monetize your blog.

A couple of ads in between the content and couple of ads on the sidebar is all that is required to earn a few dollars every day from a few thousands of page views.

Here are a few reasons why I love making money niche sites that make money from ads:

  1. No need to deal directly with advertisers
  2. Need to place just a few lines of code and you are done
  3. Unlike affiliate revenue which fluctuates, revenue from ads remain consistent throughout the year
  4. Just need to focus on creating evergreen content and link building
  5. Real-time tracking
  6. No delay in payments
  7. Hire a VA and run it on autopilot mode
  8. Absolute passive income
  9. Easily scalable
  10. Post a few quality articles each month and then sit back and relax

I know, most of you’d rather argue with me that ads are annoying. Yes, they are annoying. Only when you put excessive ads on the website. If you have an average content length of 1200 words, you should put max 3 within the content and 2 on the sidebar. Anything more than that will hurt the user experience (UI).

Word of caution: There are no guidelines as such on the number of ads. This is just my own personal opinion. Google earlier used to restrict publishers to 3 ads per page. But that limit has now been revoked.

In fact, I too hate visiting sites where I see little content with overflowing ads. The result is a high bounce rate.

Bloggers, mostly newcomers, often try to make quick money from their blog by placing too many ads thinking it will make them rich overnight. The end result: the blog die and perish on its own. Why hurry so much when you have an opportunity to earn more from your blog.

Making money stops me from being fooled by affiliate owners who shut their business in between without any notice and leave small affiliates like me crumbling. I never faced these things in the last 10 years with Adsense or at-least Media.net ads. They have net 30 payment terms and have never seen payments arriving late.

Talking about RPM. Yes. I know that most of the niche which serves ads earn low RPM but if you can scale your blog and get at-least half a million visitors per month, no one can stop you from earning great passive money from it.

Just keep on serving your users with quality content and they will keep coming back to your site for fresh content. Once your site gets stable, you need to spend just a few hours per week to update it on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can hire VA for this job and focus on some other project.

You can use the traffic and authority of your project to build traffic for your new project. It is comparatively easy to set and grow other projects once you have a running project that gives you revenue on a regular basis. You can pump in more money in your new project to get more traffic, take more courses that will help to flourish your online business, join an online community and speak with more experts in your niche.

Just keep on using this mode to build Adsense based sites and let them run to earn revenue for you passively.

Another main benefit of Adsense based sites is that that they work with almost every niche except gambling and porn niche. Unlike affiliate-based sites, where there should be a market to promote the product, this is not required with Adsense based sites.

Most ad networks easily accept sites that have fresh and updated content. You just need to place JavaScript tags here and there and ads start appearing there. Based on how many clicks you receive per day and some other factors, your earnings for a day is determined.

Even if you get rejected by Adsense, there are still a lot of advertisers where you can apply. Below are a few alternate options:

  1. Media.net
  2. Ezoic
  3. Mediavine
  4. AdThrive
  5. Monumetric
  6. ConversantMedia
  7. Taboola
  8. Outbrain
  9. ZergNet
  10. Pixfuture

Adsense like sites pays like a regular 9-5 job. Many bloggers earn even more than their usual day job. The extra money you earn from blogging can be used to reinvest in some other blogging projects. You can travel and even work from remote locations without worrying about your projects. Become a remote blogger and get to work when and where you want – or travel while blogging!

You just need to add fresh content and monitor your sites and that can be done just by having an internet connection. No need to ask for leave from your boss, or justify your skills for a pay hike. Just set up your own online business and you can be your own boss in no time!!!

Adsense based sites, however, suffer from some drawbacks too. Some bloggers add too many ads in a bid to earn more money from it. Adding more ads not only will reduce your income but will also impact user experience and badly hit the bounce rate.

Just try to understand it. A user comes on the site to check content or looking for some solution for a problem that your site offers. If you bombard him with too many ads, he will close your site and click on the next available link appearing in Google search results.

This will affect your website’s bounce rate and if such things continue on a regular basis, your rankings in Google can take a serious blow. If your rankings go down, your site will appear late in search results which will result in fewer clicks. Ultimately, your number of page views will go down.

With fewer page views, less click on ads. Less click on ads means less ad revenue.

So, you see this is like a vicious circle.

In a nutshell, more ads don’t necessarily mean more money. It can sometimes result in less revenue too. When you place ads on-site, always keep UI (user interface) thing in mind. Your site’s UI should not go for a toss when you place ads on your site.

Ideally, I recommend that if your content length is around 1200 words per post, you can show 3 ads within the content and 2 on the sidebar. So, in total 5 ads for average post length of 1200 words. Again, let me clarify it. It is just my opinion. Nobody stops you from placing any number of ads on your blog.

Anything more than that means you are taking a big risk with it. Earning less is far better than earning nothing.

It is, therefore, best to focus on increasing traffic by posting awesome green content rather than running after gold by placing too many ads on the site.

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