9 Ultimate Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Without Ads

If you want to have a Midas touch in the virtual world, then you need to value smart work. The fruit of your labor blended with the intelligent mind will automatically flood you with money. The same thing is true for bloggers too.

Today, blogging is no more a side business. It has become nothing less than an online enterprise as here also you have to apply strategies and the return is big.

make money from ads

One of the most common ways of earning a whopping amount of money from your blogs is certainly Advertisements yet it is not the only way. There are many more other tricks for making money. You just need to keep the windows and doors of your eyes and minds open.

So, get familiarized with 9 best ways to turn the wheels of fortune as a blogger. Definitely, it will make you see blogging business from the new eyepiece.

9 Ultimate Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Without Showing up Ads

1. Affiliate Marketing – Sell and Earn Commission

The vantage point of the present only hints that keeping your blogs bereft of affiliate marketing is suicidal. Paradoxes abound in it, you need to embrace it and look for the ways to join an affiliate program.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Technically, this is a type of advertising in which you sell a product which is not yours and in return, you earn a commission. Any purchase or a lead helps in making your pocket heavier.

The most interesting part of affiliate marketing is that the commission rate is quite high here.

This means by selling a single product you earn the amount which is equivalent to selling a product five to ten times in any other advertising model, such as offering banner advertisements on your website.

Affiliate marketing is available in almost every niche. You just need to quickly Google affiliate products in your niche. An simple query on Google for affiliate programs on Camping would be like:

Camping “Affiliate Programs”

What do you need to do?

It is very simple. You just need to join an affiliate advertising program. On your marketing strategy ability start selling products and leave the rest on the profits of affiliate marketing.

2. Sponsored Content – Create Money-spinning Content

With no luxury of time, you need to ensure that whatever you do, it gives you maximum return. One of the things that you can do effortlessly is to write a blog.

The only thing that differs here is you writing not for the passion of writing but for the passion of money. Sometimes you need to do this if you want your business to expand and flourish.

What is sponsored content?

A content that is written or created on-demand of others who pay for it is known as sponsored content. A company or a brand might approach to write about their products or services. The posts is completely centered around their product.\

The only thing is that when you write about such product or a service, it must be marked as “Sponsored” and the links should be “nofollow”. This is as per the Google guidelines.

What do you need to do?

The first thing you need is to look for those who are in need of sponsored content and are willing to pay you good money.

Here also you get to earn big money. However, unlike affiliate marketing, the flow of money is not continuous for you but for the other party.

This means when you are finalizing the deal you need to ascertain that you get the right amount for the content. Do not sell your content for cheap in this way of money making from your blogs.

3. Online Courses – Straight Income in Your Pocket

Creativity needs a disciplined eye and an alert mind. You can be creative to make straight income and earn money easily with the help of online courses. This is where all the money comes directly to your pocket.

So, what are online courses and EBooks?

You create your own digital products that include digital courses or online courses and EBooks. These are created by you for those who want to attain skills and knowledge on a particular topic or trendy subject online.

Today, you will find Ebooks and courses in almost every niche. People who are passionate about their skills and hobbies launch these digital products and sell these courses online to generate great passive income.

What do you need to do?

You just need to look for a platform where you can sell your digital courses that include EBooks too.

Here on sale of each book or online course, you earn a certain amount which comes straight to you. The only thing you need to ensure is that your product offers proven strategies.

4. Email Marketing – Generate Money From Subscribers

Money makes way to you only you need to possess the magnetic power. Oh yes, believe it or not, earning money online from your blogs is a cup of tea if you know how to use your skills.

What is email marketing?

This is a way of sending promotional content to the target audience. The challenge here is not only writing good and attractive content but also reaching the intended customers.

What do you need to do?

You do not have to do here anything other than making a profit from your subscribers. You only need to start using lead generation tools, which could be paid or free. Once you have an email marketing service then reach out to the people.

The biggest challenge is to get emails of your readers. The simple reason is that nobody is going to give you their email for free. You need to use a lead magnet to get their email id.

A lead magnet can be in the form of “free printables”, “free online course”, “free ebook” or anything that you think it would be a of a great value for your readers.

Try to get near to the mark of 1000 subscribers and then convert them to almost $10 each. Now, you can see how much you will be able to make in a month.

5. Podcast – Connect With Audience and Improve Product Sales

A podcast has become quite popular even among celebrities and why won’t it be? It is something which helps you connect easily with your target audience. It not only enhances product sales but also helps you in getting sponsorships.

So, what is a podcast?

This is a series of episodes which can be downloaded online. It can be either a video file or an audio file. Here you get a chance to get in touch with your audience directly and influence them with your thoughts and visions.

What do you need to do?

You can effortlessly make money with the help of a podcast. You just need to connect with people and once you are connected then get sponsors from brands and companies. This way you can keep the audience engaged and make easy money.

So, when are you going to start your own podcast?

6. Guest Posts – Earn Money With Your Credibility

You have ways to earn money. It is just that sometimes you keep your eyes closed and do not see the newly opened doors.

What is guest posting?

Technically, this is a way of creating a blog and then posting it on a platform which is not owned by you. There are two types of guest postings – one in which you allow someone else to post a blog on your website and the other in which you post a blog on a website.

What do you need to do?

You can charge money from anyone who wants to post a blog on your website. However, this way of earning money is only possible if you are able to build your own credibility in the blogging world.

Today, people have been using guest posts just to get a free backlink from a website. What I have seen so far that bloggers have been exploiting this to get free link and traffic to your site.

7. Portfolio – Flaunt Your Talent and Money Will Make Way to You

You can try some new ways of attracting clients. You can sell your skills with the help of your blogging platform.

What do you need to do?

Here you just need to prepare a portfolio that showcases all your abilities and how you can help others in making money. You can put your portfolio link on your website under the author bio section.

When your intended client will click here, he or she is able to understand more about your abilities. This way you can get an opening for making some big bucks.

Take an example of “Photography. A photographer can build his online portfolio and display pictures that he or she have clicked on their own. It may help you to land a few clients who will pay you to work for them.

8. Exclusive Memberships – Charge Your Users

Another way of making money from your blogs is to encourage exclusive membership of your platform.

This way you charge your users and earn from the money they pay. This way is only possible if you have quality content to offer to the users and they know the worth of your work.

9. Product Launch – Appeal visitors to your products

You can also try launching a product and this will also help you earn good money in return. You just need to have an idea and the rest work will be done by a professional developer whom you can contact online.


Making money as a blogger is not a Herculean job. You just need to keep all your options open and try looking for new ways. All the aforementioned ways of making money from your blog are just the starting ones. You can explore many more. For now, just concentrate on these and see how things turn for you.

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