10 Most Profitable Niches To Start a Blog in 2020

Blogging initially was a way to express your thoughts, describe your research, and share your knowledge with the world. It was like a hobby. But the trend has changed a lot since a decade and it’s not just a hobby anymore. It’s seen as a full-time and lucrative career option these days. Lots of bloggers are making good money and some are even making huge income from some profitable niches.

Given its huge potentiality, blogging has become a magnet that attracts people of any age, education, background, and skills. However, most of the beginners or aspiring bloggers have one common question, i.e. Which niche should I choose to start a blog?

most profitable niches

If you are one of them and looking for an answer, this article will be a big help for you, as we have discussed 10 most profitable niches here. Read on.

10 Most Profitable Niches To Start a Blog

1. Health and Fitness

Being one of the evergreen subjects, health has been one of the most profitable niches from the beginning of the blogging era. If you are interested in and can provide valuable information for the readers, you can start blogging in this niche.

Ways to earn from writing in this niche include affiliate and direct marketing, sponsored posts, ads from Google and other ad networks. You can promote products listed on online marketplaces like Amazon as an associate. Helping health service providers get subscriptions can also earn you good commissions in return.

2. Eldercare

Caring elders is a concern for many and guiding them with tips and product/service suggestions can get a lot of appreciation. If you love to write about the ways and tips for elder care, this is the best niche for you.

Hospitals and healthcare companies always look for ways to reach and educate people about their products and services. So, your blog can be the best place for their promotions and a good source of income for you.

3. Parenting

Raising a child is really a challenge and your blog posts can be of big help for many parents. If you have experience in raising kids and like to share it with others, this can be one of the most profitable niches for blogging.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to make money with your blog. Create some outstanding posts and use them to promote child care products. You may also reach out to the companies offering them a mention in your post or ad placement on your blog. You can charge a fixed amount for a link in your blog post and a recurring charge for the ad space.

4. Pet Care

This is the same as parenting and elder care and people are keen to know better ways to take care of their pets. If you have a pet or know about pet care, you are better at selecting this niche for your blog. Pet care companies spend a lot on promoting their products on different channels and your blog can be the one.

If you are good at writing and can generate considerable traffic, you can charge a decent amount for each mention or ad space. Needless to say that you can always use affiliate marketing and earn a good commission for each product sold via your blog post.

5. Technology

If you have had a technical education and an interest in observing the latest technological developments, you don’t have to look far for the profitable niches for blogging. You may even choose one of the sub-niches like Android apps, artificial intelligence, electronics, computers, and many others.

Create a blog and start writing informative articles, reviews, and comparisons. It’s an evergreen field and you have always something to write about. Use affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, software promotions, and ad space to earn. If you can write unique content and provide solutions to people’s problems, you are sure to make high profits from this niche.

6. Personal Finance

Finance is the prime concern for common people in the era of an expensive lifestyles and extreme uncertainties. So there is a vast need for guidance on efficient personal finance management, saving money, and how to spend wisely. These factors make it one of the highly profitable niches for blogging.

Finance companies provide a range of products and services and your blog can be a channel for them to get the attention of potential customers. You can become an affiliate of such companies and sell their services and products. You may also offer them sponsored posts and ad space.

7. Online/offline Income and Business Ideas

You are reading this article because you want to start a blog or looking for a way to earn an online income, isn’t it? The same is true for millions of people. So, if you can help them with unique ideas for the same, you should go for this niche.

Needless to say that you have to spend the time to research and come up with unique and practical ideas for different segments of readers. And depending on the segments, you can promote related products or services or write sponsored sections for companies and can earn a good income.

8. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term that includes internet, mobile, and any other electronic display advertising. The demand for digital marketing is never going to end. So if you have expertise in online advertising, SEO and content marketing, this is the perfect niche to start blogging.

You can appeal almost any business with your writings and earn good profit in many ways including affiliate marketing, direct approach to companies, and providing ad space.

9. Beauty and Fashion

This category comes among the top profitable niches for blogging. If you have knowledge about beauty products, skincare, and fashion trends, and fashion accessories, you are good to go ahead. Your major audience will be women, but you can address men as well.

If you can provide useful tips and lead your users to the right products, your blog will generate high traffic and a stable income.

10. Travel and Adventure

This one is really an amazing niche as it allows you to fulfill your dreams of exploring new places and cultures, and at the same time works as a source of income. If you love to travel and adventures, this is the best niche for you to start a blog.

Your source of income from this niche can be hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and companies manufacturing and selling travel products, guides, and adventure kits. They will be happy to pay you if you can attract a large audience by writing articles and reviews about your experience at beautiful travel destinations, adventurous places, hotel and tool operator’s services, and a lot more.

Wrap up

There are many other niches and you should go with the one you are most knowledgeable and experienced. Regardless of your niche, you can always have ads from Google AdSense and other ad networks displayed on your blog. Affiliate marketing is another popular way of income and can be used with any niche.

The most important things here are the quality, uniqueness, and usefulness of your content. You should also have basic knowledge of SEO. If you can identify your suitable niche and if you are determined and patient, your chances of success will be high.

Happy Blogging!!

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