10 Spectacular Reasons Why You Should Start Building an Email List Today

Do you have an email list? If the answer is negative, then you are sailing on the wrong boat, as this one is definitely not leading you to success in the virtual world. You do have time now to row in the right direction. So, walk through the write-up and take a glance at the top 10 reasons for building an email list, but before that try to understand what email list is.

reasons to build an email list


What is an Email List?

Technically, an email list contains the email addresses of the persons to whom emails or newsletters are sent to promote the desired products and services. The listing is just one part of the email marketing program. Apart from this, you also need to take of many other things while creating an email list online so that your company’s newsletter doesn’t end up in the spam box. An email list when created engagingly can impress a potential customer, thereby generating leads effortlessly.

In a nutshell, you can say that email list is a broader concept that includes using of emails as a powerful tool to flourish your online business by adhering to anti-spam practices and familiarizing with email list requirements.

Now, coming back to the reasons for creating an email list:

10 Spectacular Reasons Why You Should Start Building an Email List Today

1. It is easier

There are many ways to make your users know about your products and services that even include using social media networking. However, very few other methods to promote your business are as easy to handle as the email listing, and that is why using email address is considered one of the best ways for dissipating important information regarding your business to your potential customers.

Once you have created an email list, you are free to send newsletters to your target audience. Unlike social media here the method is quite simple to handle as you can control it directly. There are no hard and fast rules that you need to follow here. You are not even confined to the boundaries of any particular social networking website, such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or even Facebook, as you own these platforms.

2. It is effective

As email gives you a free hand to send information about your business the way you want to your intended customers, so the result is also more effective here. One of the major reasons behind this is that the customer allows you to send emails by subscribing to your email list. This means that they are welcoming you as they want to remain in contact with you.

Therefore, when you send the emails, then the result is expected to be more fruitful in comparison to other methods. On social media, people are choosier in following others while when it comes to the email, they are not. In fact, people easily share their email address on many websites, and if you have a result-oriented approach in building an email list, then it can offer you better outcomes.

3. It helps you remain in touch

The mind of your customers change with time, and so there are chances that initially they show no interest in your products and services, but later on, at some point in time find it beneficial.

So, when this happens, and you keep sending the emails or newsletters regularly to your target customers then one day he or she might become your customer by choosing your online business. The same thing is not true for Instagram story or blogs as no one checks it every day, but people do get time to click your emails.

4. It also helps you get feedback

Feedback plays a pivotal role in making you understand the psyche of your customers, and you get this priceless thing easily with the help of an email. It doesn’t happen always, but even if a few of your customers reply you back and give you the feedback, then it helps you bring improvements which could have a direct impact on other target clients too.

This is one of the reasons why today emails are used as a tool to conduct a survey by many business giants in the world.

5. It allows you to analyze your business growth

The email list allows you to check your growth level as well. If you find a growing trend in your email list, then it shows that more people are turning towards your business.

When the numbers of subscribers swell, then you get an idea that you are moving on the right track. However, when you see a downward trend in this, then it alarms you to take the right steps to improve your business model.

6. It improves your sales directly

If you are looking for ways that help in enhancing your sales directly, then email list is one of the best ways to opt for. It helps you in improving your ROI, as more subscribers mean more sales.

You just have to target on improving the numbers of subscribers and your business will grow automatically. This is just a simple number game where the number of subscribers is directly proportional to the number of sales.

7. It is traditional yet more popular

Email is nothing new as people have been using it constantly from past so many years. Therefore, your target customers are more close to their emails as they do not have to take any extra effort in using it.

This is a conventional yet endearing thing for everyone out there. You just need to learn how to use the email list efficiently, and you will see the positive result as soon as possible.

8. It is more personal

Just like smartphones are a very personal item for the people so are their emails. There is no group and no other person who can see at what time anyone is checking his or her email inbox. This makes it a more personal thing where the targeted customers are not under anyone else influence, and so you can convince them easily in choosing your product or service.

9. It is targeted and one-on-one

You know what you are doing when you send emails to your clients. It is not like trying to hit bull’s eye blindly, rather here you know your target and where to hit. This whole one-on-one aspect of an email gives you a chance to address your potential clients directly.

This is one of the reasons why these in the salutation of the email Dear X or Dear Y is used, which shows that you are clear that you are trying to build a professional relationship with the intended client so that he or she could choose your business.

10. It is the experts’ choice

Most of the experts in the market prefer email list in trying to connect with the customers and improve business sales.

“Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them.” – Neil Patel – Crazy Egg and QuickSprout

“Unbounce’s email list is the biggest asset we have for driving new acquisitions.” – Corey Dilley – Marketing Manager at Unbounce

“If I have one regret as a business owner, it’s not focusing on building our email list earlier in the process.” – Joe Pulizzi – Founder of Content Marketing Institute


If you want to build your business, then try using your own land instead of rented ones, and email list is owned by you. Therefore, you are advised to build a deeper and credible relationship with your potential customers with the help of emails and newsletter as this is one of the safest and most impeccable ways to grow your online business and let it reach to the Zenith of success.

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