9 Things I Seriously Wish Someone Had Told Me About Blogging

I became a blogger by choice. I believe this is the best thing that has ever happened to me without a doubt.

Blogging not only has helped me to share my ideas and knowledge with the outside world but has also helped to make living online.

Everyone wants to earn good amount of money from blogging but only a handful of bloggers went on to make millions of dollars each year. Rest of the bloggers still make a good amount of money from hundreds to several thousand. The journey to become a successful blogger is not that easy as it looks like.


When I started blogging in 2010, there were very few people in blogging. There were no clear directions and there was hardly anyone offering courses in SEO. I followed the wrong path initially and ended up making websites, which did not earn even a penny for me. Nothing worked my way due to some stupid mistakes I did that time.

Since blogging was a new field altogether, there were not many people who could help other people with their problems. I feel I should dedicate this post and tell you about those things that no one taught me initially and I seriously wish someone had told me about blogging.

9 Things I Seriously Wish Someone Had Told Me About Blogging

Importance of Choosing a Niche

New bloggers who do not have much experience in blogging mostly start a multi-niche blog and just post about any random thing on their blog. I’d rather suggest starting a blog in a particular niche. Pick a niche that you feel you are passionate about and other people too have an interest in that niche.

When you start posting a particular niche, you have a strong change of stand out in the crowd and it has a high chance of ranking in SERPS. Picking a niche should take a good amount of time because if you choose a wrong niche, you’d end up in screwing everything. Therefore, pick a particular niche and start building a blog on it.

Role of Email Marketing

Money is in your email list. Most of the newbie bloggers still do not understand this. People who are on your email list are your real readers. They trust you and are also your first buyers.

You should start collecting emails as soon as you start receiving traffic on your blog. I dived into email marketing bit late because I did not understand the concept of email marketing initially.

My advice to all new bloggers is to first focus on getting traffic and then start building the list as soon as they can. Creating a quality list of 100 people is much better than creating a list of fake 1000 followers.

Value of Content

Content is what takes your site to the next level and attract readers to your site. Content is what makes your site a brand in its niche. Always write a post from a user point of view n your blog. Just understand what a user wants to learn and explain it in your own simple and sweet words.

Some newbie bloggers just post anything on their blog just to make sure that their blog keeps on getting updated which is wrong. If you are in a particular niche, just post related to that niche only. Do not mix multiple niches unless you know what are you doing and have the expertise to take your site to the next level.

Understanding your Readers

Your readers are your key to success. Keep the communication channel open with your reader via email or any other source. Hear from them what they want to learn and what topics would like to see on your blog. This not only will build your readers trust in you but will also help in building relationships with them for the long term.

Importance of Traffic

When you are set with everything, it all gets down to getting traffic consistently on your blog. Believe me, this is the hardest thing to get. You have two way, either get organic (free) traffic from Google or paid one. Paid one will come as long as you put in money but organic is free and completely passive.

I’d rather suggest going for organic traffic from day one. Unless you have a budget with you to for paid traffic, organic traffic is your key. Start building relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Keep on sharing their posts, interview them and start building an email list from day one.

Multiple Ways to Monetize Site

Had someone told me initially that a site can be monetized via multiple ways, I would have gone ahead and started using affiliate marketing a long time back. I used to think that Google Adsense is the only way to monetize the blog. I was so wrong. Damn it!

I tried out affiliate marketing so late. Today, I see many bloggers earning a handsome amount of income from affiliate marketing. It’s such a great passive source of income. Here, email list comes into the picture. You suggest products to your consumers. Some of them will buy it and you are going to make a commission from the purchase. Isn’t that simple?

Learning From Failures

Failures are nothing but setbacks. Failures should not stop you from moving ahead. Instead, learn from your failures. Understand what caused it and learn from those mistakes. In fact, I failed initially and the first two blogs that I launched proved a disaster. I learned them and after a year, I tasted the success.

It’s very to get bogged down from failures but only those who stand again can see the face of success. Everybody, at some point in life, suffers from a failure. Failure does not mean that you are wrong. It is just that this is not the right way to do it. Just learn from it and move on.

Never Give Up!

Blogging sometimes becomes boring. You feel like quitting. It has happened to me also some times. The only way to keep going is to keep telling yourself that success does not come easy. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and time to get things rolling.

I have seen most of the bloggers quitting just a few months after starting their blog. Everyone one to start earning money from day one. Nobody has the patience to wait and work hard. Only those who work hard and follow the right path, reach their goal of making living online.

Blogging is a Business

You must understand that blogging is serious business. It’s not like any other day job. Unless you are going to invest a dollar, you cannot expect to get a couple of dollars out of it.

Just like any other business, you got to spend on a domain, hosting, email marketing, courses, other stuff to get started. Once things get rolling, you can start earning from thee itself.

Make Connections

Make network connections. Talk to other fellow bloggers, learn what they are doing, how they are getting traffic, their monetization strategy and implement on your own blog.

Form a team with a couple of bloggers and organize bloggers meet up in your city. Meet with like-minded bloggers and create a huge network. Interview them and publish them on your blog.

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